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Cast: Robert De Niro, Eddie Murphy, William Shatner, Rene Russo.

Director: Tom Dey.

Robert De Niro and Eddie Murphy star in this action comedy that harkens back to the kind of buddy comedies they made a lot of in the 80s.

De Niro plays a grumpy, no nonsense LAPD Detective named Mitch Preston. Murphy plays Trey Sellars, a beat cop who's also an aspiring actor.

Mitch is working a big drug bust one day when Trey happens upon the scene and botches the operation by calling in backup. A news cameraman catches it all on camera, and Mitch is so irate (his partner has just been wounded), that he shoots the video camera.

Faced with a multi-million dollar lawsuit, the department forces Mitch to agree to the TV station's idea of teaming him up with Trey for a reality TV cop show. Trey of course loves the idea, and basks in the show's success, but Mitch would rather just do his job.

Showtime is an enjoyable buddy action comedy that at various times recalls such 80s classics as Beverly Hills Cop, Midnight Run and Lethal Weapon. De Niro seems to love comedy these days, and has a tendency to overplay it (see Analyze That), but he's pretty subdued here. Murphy is in classic rapid fire mode, clearly trying to reclaim past glories. He's semi-successful.

Appearing as himself, former TV cop (in TJ Hooker) William Shatner turns up as an acting coach for Trey and Mitch, at one point amusingly calling De Niro the worst actor he's ever seen.

Rene Russo (Lethal Weapon 3 & 4, The Thomas Crown Affair) shines as the manic producer of Trey and Mitch's show, and De Niro's own daughter Drena has a supporting role as her assistant.

Trivia: The car chase involving the garbage truck was nominated for a best stunt honour at the Taurus Awards.