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Return To Paradise

Vince Vaughn faces a terrible moral dilemma in this drama co-starring Joaquin Phoenix and Anne Heche.

Vaughn, Phoenix and David Conrad play Sheriff, Lewis and Tony, three Americans who spend a cruisy vacation in Malaysia, enjoying the local woman and local hashish. After Sheriff and Tony return to the States, Lewis is arrested for the possession of drugs which belonged to all of them. He is sentenced to be executed.

But the death sentence will be converted to jail time if Sheriff and Tony return to Malaysia to share the blame. They have both gotten on with their lives - Tony doesn't want to know, but Sheriff is convinced by Lewis' lawyer, played by Anne Heche, to commit the titular action.

Vaughn displays impressive chops in one of his best dramatic roles, but it's clear his gifts lie in comedy. Heche and Phoenix also both acquit themselves nicely.

Return To Paradise came out in the midst of a mini glut of films about Americans enduring South East Asian prison hell, along with the Kate Beckinsale/Claire Danes film Brokedown Palace. Both were good, but neither held a candle to the Nicole Kidman mini-series Bangkok Hilton.

Return to Paradise is a remake of a 1989 French film called Force majeure.