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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

The second part of Steven Spielberg and George Lucas' Indiana Jones trilogy was not quite as rapturously received as the first , but it's miles above most of Hollywood's action- adventure offerings.

This time around Indy (Harrison Ford) finds inadvertently finds himself the intended saviour of a Indian village, whose sacred stones he must retrieve from a dastardly cult that has enslaved the village's children.

The film was being marketed toward a family audience, but it contained some pretty extreme scenes - a man's heart being ripped out while he is alive, and that particularly gruesome meal involving snakes and monkey brains. These types of scenes created problems with the ratings board, but Steven and company didn't want an R rating for their "family" movie, so a new rating was created for the American market - PG-13, which meant anyone under 13 has to be accompanied by a parent.

Numerous scenes in Temple of Doom were planned for Raiders of the Lost Ark, but shelved from the earlier film for budgetary reasons - these include the opening shoot-out, where Indy shields himself with a massive rolling gong, and the mine cart chase scene.

Temple of Doom is also noteworthy for being the film on which Spielberg met his second wife, Kate Capshaw. The two remain married today and have about 47 children between them.