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Idle Hands

Devon Sawa, Seth Green and Jessica Alba star in this horror comedy about a teenager with a possessed right hand.

All slacker teen Anton (Sawa - Final Destination) does all day is lay about smoking pot and watching tv, doing nothing about his crush for fetching neighbour Molly (Alba - Fantastic Four, Sin City). Such inertia makes him a prime target for the Devil, who possesses his right hand and sends the hapless Anton on a reluctant murder spree.

Early victims include Anton's two best pals Mick (Green - Austin Powers, Buffy) and Pnub (Elden Hensen - The Butterfly Effect) who promptly return zombie-fied from the dead to keep Anton company. Plus now Anton now has something to talk to Molly about.

Idle Hands arrived at the tale end of the ironic teen horror cycle generated by the success of Scream, and while it failed to make much of a connection with cinema audiences, it does possess an appealing black comedic streak and is far less preachy than most of its ilk. Which makes it prime late Sunday night viewing.

Sawa, who at one point may have seemed destined for idol-hood, has failed to achieve really any success as a leading man, instead appearing in such thundering duds as Slackers and Extreme Ops. Green recently appeared in the New Zealand-shot comedy Without a Paddle, and maintains a healthy career as an under-appreciated character actor.

Alba on the other hand is poised right on the edge of superstardom, with high profile roles in two notable films this year - the big budget comic book adaptation Fantastic Four and Robert Rodriguez's cult break out success Sin City.