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Pierce Brosnan successfully stepped into the role of secret agent James Bond in this massively successful action thriller, which still stands up as the best of all the Brosnan Bonds.

This time around Bond is up against a former friend he thought was dead, Agent 006, played by Sean Bean (Boromir in LOTR). He must also face the deadly female assassin Xenia Onatopp, played with much vigour by Famke Janssen (Jean Grey in the X-Men films).

Goldeneye was directed by Kiwi Martin Campbell (Vertical Limit, The Mask of Zorro), who injects the film with some of the best action scenes of the entire series - the opening bungee jump, the tank chase through the streets of St. Petersburg and the thrilling climax set atop a massive satellite dish.

Goldeneye also presented a (relatively) sensitive Bond for the first time, having him struggle with, you know, all the killing and stuff.

Bond producers originally picked Brosnan for the role back in 1986, when he was famous for his TV series Remington Steele. But the producers of that show held him to his contract, and the Bond people didn't like the idea of their guy going back to television after the movies, so they cast the underrated Timothy Dalton instead.