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Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home

Willy the whale is back for another adventure in this family sequel.

Having escaped his confines at the end of the first film (and on the poster&), Willy the er, killer whale, is now back with his pod roaming the seas off the Pacific Northwest of America.

Jesse (Jason James Richter), the troubled boy who helped liberate Willy in the first film is on a camping trip in the area with his newly discovered half-brother Elvis (Francis Capra - A Bronx Tale). But soon after Jesse has reconnected with his old pal (the whale, that is), an oil spill threatens to trap Willy, his sister and his brother away from their mother and their family of whales forever.

As the danger moves closer, Jesse must call upon all the trust, loyalty and faith Willy has in him to return Willy -along with his brother and sister-back to their mother in the open sea.

Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home does an efficient job of replicating the drama and conflict of the first film. But it happens to have much nicer scenery. Michael Madsen returns as Jesse's father, so we can once again ask: What is a nasty piece of ear-slicing work like Michael Madsen doing in a movie like this?

Such questions aside, Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home provides non-threatening, well-intentioned family entertainment.