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Forces of Nature

Ben Affleck and Sandra Bullock star in this romantic comedy about two strangers thrust together by the weather.

Affleck plays a young man named, um, Ben, who must get from New York to Savannah for his marriage to Bridget (Maura Tierney - Abby in ER). But it seems the weather is conspiring against him, and when ice causes the plane he is travelling on to veer off the runway, he inadvertently saves the life of fellow passenger Sarah (Bullock).

Feeling indebted to Ben, the free-spirited Sarah attaches herself to him. Together they attempt to reach Savannah, beset all the while by hurricanes, thunderstorms, lightning and other problems. During their journey, although jarred by some of Sarah's bizarre behaviour, Ben finds himself becoming attracted to her. Will Ben break off his engagement or make it to the church on time?

It's a concept right off the romantic comedy production line, but the combined talents of Bullock, who positively shines, and Affleck, who gets a bad rap these days, make the film a more than pleasant diversion. There's some high production values, notable supporting players (Steve Zahn, Ronny Cox, Blythe Danner, Richard Schiff, Tierney) and pleasing locations.

Forces of Nature marked the first collaboration between Bullock and screenwriter Marc Lawrence, who would go on to co-write her later success Miss Congeniality and both write and direct Two Weeks Notice. Lawrence also co-wrote the just released sequel Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous.