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Final Destination 2

Final Destination 2

Cast: Ali Larter, A.J. Cook, Michael Landes

Director: David R. Ellis

A new crop of teenagers cheat death in the second instalment of the Final Destination franchise.

In Final Destination , a teenager has a premonition about a plane explosion. The premonition comes true and the surviving teens began to die in a series of "accidents", as if death was trying to claim those who cheated it.

In Final Destination 2, Kimberly Corman and her friends are off on Spring Break. They all get squished in a massive pile-up on a highway. But it all turns out to be a premonition on Kimberly's part!

She blocks the on-ramp and prevents eight other people from dying in the horrific smash.

But guessed it...they all start dying in strange, apparently coincidental ways. Kimberly realises what is happening, and tries to prevent it with the help of first film survivor Clear Rivers (Ali Larter).

I admit to being a fan of the original Final Destination. While that film had a definite strain of black humour, Final Destination 2 tries to have a little more fun by not taking itself so seriously.

The sequel settles into an enjoyable parade of ridiculously elaborate Rube Goldberg-esque death scenes. And by playing with our knowledge of how elaborate the deaths can be, the film presents many fun red-herrings - never before has a trip to the dentist been so fraught with tension.

The motorway crash scene supersedes the original's awesome-in-its-own-right plane explosion. Director David R. Ellis has spent most of his career co-ordinating stunts and directing second unit action scenes - this really comes through in this film.

The film seems almost proud of its schlockiness - it's far more gory than the first one, and arguably more enjoyable. They've even bothered to include a gratuitous boob shot.

Final Destination 2 is the definition of a 'check-your-brain-at-the-door' film experience - it's fast, silly and has a kicker of an ending gag. If you're willing to let yourself run with it, it's a heck of lot of fun - which is something we haven't been able to say about a horror film in a while ( Ghost Ship, I'm talking to you).