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Blockbuster Tuesday: I Spy

Tuesday April 21 at 8.30pm

I Spy

Cast: Owen Wilson, Eddie Murphy, Famke Janssen, Malcolm McDowell

Director: Betty Thomas

Owen Wilson teamed up with Eddie Murphy for this action comedy, loosely inspired by the old Bill Cosby TV show.

Wilson plays a recently promoted government agent named Alex Scott who must recruit world boxing champion Kelly Robinson (Murphy) to help recover a stolen jet from a nefarious arms dealer played by Malcolm McDowell.

The plot is pretty inconsequential, as it's really just an excuse for Murphy and Wilson to play off each other's comedic personas. And it pretty much works.

Murphy hasn't been this energetic in years (and it's nice to see him playing someone other than Dr. Doolittle or The Nutty Professor), and Wilson is his usual hilarious self. It doesn't quite reach the comedic heights of Wilson's Shanghai Noon, but is still considerably funny in its own right.

Famke Janssen (Nip/Tuck, X-Men) co-stars as Wilson's love interest and Gary Cole (Office Space, Dodgeball) is hilarious, but underutilised, as a fellow agent passing himself of as a Latin lover, when he's actually quite Caucasian.

I Spy is ostensibly based on the 60s TV show of the same name which starred Robert Culp and Bill Cosby as secret agents with cover indentities as a pro tennis player and his coach, but the resemblance in negligible.

I Spy didn't make much of an impact at the box office, and is somewhat under seen, but it's a darn site more enjoyable than most of Hollywood's action comedy offerings. Check it oot (sic).