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Birdcage, The

Robin Williams finds an outlet for his typically energetic and babbling routine in this extremely successful (financially at least) remake of the French farce La Cage Aux Folles.

He plays one half of a gay couple (the other half is played by Broadway vet Nathan Lane) whose fully grown son (Dan Futterman) is about to marry the daughter (Calista Flockhart) of conservative right-wing politicos (played by Gene Hackman and Dianne Weist).

So in order to not upset the girls parents (and jeopardise Hackman's senatorial re-election), Lane agrees to dress up as a woman and pose as Williams' wife. Campy hilarity supposedly ensues.

Hank Azaria (voice of The Simpsons' Moe, Apu, Chief Wiggum, among others) is a highlight as Lane and Williams' effeminate friend.