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Meet Nicci

"My dad always says, 'it's not what you earn, it's what you do with it'. The best tip I could give is to learn to live within your means and don't let your lifestyle rise to meet your income. When it increases, bank those savings!"

Of all the Talking Money Sense girls, Nicci has had the most experience in front of the camera. In fact, Nicci has acted alongside New Zealand's finest talents - Martin Henderson and Temuera Morrison on Shortland Street.

"When I was around 11, I was an extra in a Shorty episode about a train crash. I was a patient on a stretcher, covered in fake blood and my line was to 'moan loudly'."

She eventually gave up the high life as an extra, and now works full-time as a sales co-ordinator in Auckland. Nicci enjoys netball, tennis, reading, going to the movies, singing, drama - and of course discussing her financial aspirations on prime-time television.

So does Nicci describe herself as a saver or a spender?

"I'm definitely more of a spender than a saver, but if I'm focused and have a goal and some direction then I can definitely save when I need to."

Nicci is currently focusing on two equally important goals: saving for a deposit for her first home, and budgeting for an overseas holiday.

"I guess the holiday is a short term goal and the deposit is a longer term goal," she says.

Travelling is in the blood, it seems. In her 30 years, Nicci has lived in Australia, Fiji and London. She attributes her most impulsive purchase to travelling.

"I went into a travel agent with my friend who was flying from London to South Africa later that night. Whilst in the travel agency, I made the split second decision to book a seat on her flight to South Africa, flying late that night.

"I had not planned or prepared for the trip at all so it was very impulsive and spontaneous and was one of the best trips I have ever had in my life."