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Mitre 10 Dream Home


'Jayne was so mean!' - Interview with the blue team's Rachael Bowes

The new season of MITRE 10 Dream Home has arrived! tvnz popped down to Greymouth to sus out the action on site. 

It's lucky Rachel Bowes and Dave Delore look good in blue. The couple, who reign from the West Coast's Hokitika, were named the blue team after wowing the MITRE 10 Dream Home judges.

Rachael gave us an insider's account of exactly what that nerve wracking selection process is really like.

"The top eight announcement was made on the radio.  I had to listen in the car because we didn't have a radio inside.  When our names got read out and I just started bawling!"

That was only the initial round. The group was cut again, and the remaining four were required to build and present their house models to the judges.

"It was hard and stressful, sorting out the colours and the budget, working out the prices of things, but Dave loves making models," Rachael said.

In fact, the selection process had a few surprises in store - if anything it proved Rachael and Dave's compatability.

"We actually work quite well together, I thought we'd have a hell of a lot more arguments than we did!

"Meeting the judges was the most nerve wracking thing I've ever done in my whole life," Rachael said.  "It didn't go to plan.  Everything I wanted to say went flying out the door."

And then it came down to the final announcement. After weeks competing for the yellow jackets, Rachael and Dave were in for a shock.

"Everyone walked up they all looked sad. I just wanted to get it over with. Jayne was really mean!  She said, 'You're not the yellow team.'  That was a let down.  Then she said, 'You're the blue team!'  They brought the jacket in and I said, 'We really are the blue team!'