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Mitre 10 Dream Home


Get the look - Orange Team's laundry and cladding

It couldn't have gone any better for Marty and Sarah - in complete contrast to Jay and Amanda.

The duo scored perfect 10s all round for their laundry and cladding efforts.

First off, it was the use of copper nails in the exterior cladding, which got the judges' attention - with LeeAnn commeding their use.

They weren't quite sold on the use of the feature wall, with it being in such close proximity to an area which would be used for entertaining.

But when it came to the garage area, the judges were positively glowing for Team Borange. With paint from Resene, carpet from Flooring Xtra, whiteware from Noel Leeming and fixtures and fittings from Mitre 10, it seemed to come together for them.

LeeAnn said of the garage that "they've actually put some real thought into it - they've just used the space in a really efficient way"

But if you agree or disagree, you've got your chance to have your say in the Mitre 10 Dream Home public vote.