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Get the look - the Black Team's laundry and cladding

It was a difficult week for Jay and Amanda.

They lost the challenge to Sarah and Marty - but the judges commended them in parts for what they'd tried to do.

The feature wall in the garage, made from Graffiti Artist, was praised by the judges as "making a statement" about the family. The fact they'd carpeted the area as well also came in for some positive words.

Using paint from Resene, whiteware from Noel Lemming and cabinets / fixtures and fittings from Mitre 10, the judges felt they hadn't used the space above the laundry area to the best of its advantage, with LeeAnn remarking there was "a whole wall above it and not even a shelf" and that it all felt "a bit of an after-thought".

It didn't get much better for the cladding either which reduced Jay to tears.

The fact they'd used double nails for the cladding outside meant that it was in breach of the building code and it all had to be pulled down and replaced.

It was a hard and heart-breaking lesson for the team - and with a window also needing to be ripped out and replaced, it was all too much for the black team who could only manage half of the score of their rivals.

A very tough week in the office for them - but there's still the public vote which could turn things around for Jay and Amanda.