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Season 1 Recap

The brand new second season of Mistresses is available on TVNZ Ondemand.

Make sure you're ready to be the first to know their secrets, with a brief run down about each character and what happened to them in the last season! 




Savannah (aka Savi)

Savi and her husband Harry are trying for a baby. Unsuccessful due to Harry's sperm morphology, he grows emotionally distant and Savi finds herself having an affair with her attractive and flirtatious work colleague Dominic. Distraught over her actions, she confides with friends but to no avail. Attempts to avoid Dominic at work fail too, and then Savi finds out she's pregnant. Unsure of who the father is, she decides to take a secret paternity test. Harry finds out about the impending patter of small feet, happy at first - that is until Savi tells him of her affair with Dominic. With this news he moves out, followed suit by Josslyn when she discovers Savi never bothered to tell her about the situation.

Still hurting, Harry tells Savi if the child's his, he'll stay. If it's Dominic's, he's gone. Savi tries to hide the paternity test results, giving them to Josslyn for safekeeping after the two patch things up. As Savi finds herself growing closer to Dominic with her husband gone, Harry steals the test results and discovers Dominic is the father. Josslyn takes Savi to Palm Springs for her birthday, and while there, Savi decides that whoever the father is, that is the person she'll be with. However, on their trip back, Savi is involved in a car accident with her unborn baby. The two survive, and Harry even admits that despite knowing Dominic is the father, he still wants to be with Savi. Dominic himself learns that he is the father, and also vies to be the man in her life. Yet before she can make a decision, Savi falls unconscious.



Savi's baby sister, Josslyn, couldn't be more different to her sister. Shes a serial dater who loves being a singleton and has no interest in a long-term relationship. She's been having an affair with her boss, but he reveals a desire to get more serious with her. Josslyn breaks it off with him and ends up meeting new client Alex. Friendship between the two blossoms, and then becomes steamy as Alex is different to Josslyn's usual type of man, mainly, because Alex is a woman.

Her company is bought by a man named Olivier, who Josslyn can't quite seem to crack with her charm. She embarks on a friends with benefits relationship with Alex after convincing the woman to break up with her long term girlfriend, but Alex soon demands they properly date. Josslyn accepts this, but finds it hard to remain faithful and stick to her new found interest in women, cheating on Alex with her boss Olivier. The two women then break up.



April is Savi and Josslyns best friend, and the single mother of a young daughter. Recently widowed after her husband Paul went missing on a boat, April begins receiving prank phone calls and becomes convinced he may still be alive. Her friends convince her to jump back into the dating game though, so April meets a single father named Richard. Their relationship is complicated when Miranda, the ex-mistress of her husband, shows up, holding a baby she had with Paul and blackmailing April for money. April then finds out Paul truly is alive. He forces Miranda to stop blackmailing April, and convinces her to move back to Florida. At first, April demands he follow suit, yet wilts somewhat as he stays to patch things up and see their daughter Lucy. 

Richard finds out about all this and tries to talk Paul into leaving, before April then breaks it off with him only to end up back dating him soon after. However, her daughter Lucy goes missing, and April finds herself being comforted by Paul. Let to choose between the no longer dead father of her child or Richard, April decides to give Paul another chance and breaks up with Richard for good. Yet after receiving a phone call from a begging Miranda, who wants Paul to talk to her son she had with him, April tells Paul to leave for Florida.



Karens a therapist with her own practice, and finds out a patient of her's dying from lung cancer has been in love with her for a year. The two begin an affair which culminates in Karen helping the man die by prescribing an overdose of morphine administered by his wife Elizabeth. Reconnecting with her friends after the complicated relationship, Karen manages to dodge an investigation around the death she helped cause before her former lover's son Sam asks to meet her for advice. He believes his father was having an affair, and despite Savi's strong rebuke to Karen to cut ties with the entire family, she tries to help Sam. He grows infatuated, and begins stalking Karen. Meanwhile, the insurance company is breathing closer, and Elizabeth asks Karen to forge new notes that make it seem as if her patient and Elizabeth's husband was suicidal.

Elizabeth is simply attempting to exact revenge on Karen, hoping to ruin her reputation for sleeping with her husband. She uses the notes to sue Karen, but Sam steps in to help her, hiring a lawyer and agreeing to make up an alibi with Karen for the night of his father's death. The two have sex, but during the deposition, Sam turns on Karen and becomes his mother's alibi instead. After being brutally honest, the lawsuit is thrown out and Karen escapes with a six month ban. Yet Elizabeth isn't finished, advancing on Karen with a gun. Sam once more rushes to Karen's aid, and in the impending tussle, someone ends up being shot!