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Missing Persons Unit

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Missing Persons Unit

Missing Persons Unit is a landmark television series narrated by Mike Munro, which reveals the real-life drama of Australia's MPU police divisions and the distraught families who are desperate for answers.

The debut series of Missing Persons Unit built its audience solidly across 2006 to a season finale average of almost 1.6 million viewers across the five capital cities in Australia.

During the 11 episodes of this compelling series, 19 cases were solved.

For some people it meant happiness with families reunited, while for others an often tragic truth was revealed about the fate of a loved one.

The second series begins with the ongoing case of sisters Jacqui and Penny, who have never stopped searching for their mother, Veronica Green, who went missing 30 years ago.

Now they have discovered that they have an older brother who was adopted out at birth. After attempting contact by phone, they wait anxiously hoping that he will contact them.

An American engineer living in Australia is lost in the Blue Mountains for three days without food and water. He reaches the police using his mobile phone on the emergency band and the race is on to find him before another night in the freezing bush proves fatal.

A serial teenage runaway disappears for the eighth time, leaving her mother torn between worry for her daughter's welfare and her own need for self-preservation.

And a 67-year-oldwoman has been missing for three days. With her family and the MPU searching widely, they realise that no one has checked the garage at home&

Missing Persons Unit is unscripted and shot in observational style with unique access to this specialist area of policing. Filmed at police stations, forensics labs, and on location with search and rescue units, the cameras follow MPU operatives as they investigate cases and piece together the jigsaw puzzle that might lead to peace of mind for a grief-stricken family.