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Miss Popularity


Diana entered Miss Popularity "for the fun of it really" but admits that she's extremely competitive and will give it everything she's got to win. She describes her competition style as "take no prisoners" and confesses: "I've lost many a friend over a Monopoly board."

The 21-year-old model studied ancient history, English, media studies and classical studies at Auckland University, and her passions are history, books, music, celebrities, and watching E!

On the sporting front, Diana's a keen tennis, cricket, badminton and hockey player - and she's an armchair fan of basketball, baseball, rugby and soccer.

Diana's hero is Angelina Jolie because "she is a strong woman who is thought-provoking and intelligent, and invariably feminine". Diana says her biggest assets on Miss Popularity would be that she is adaptable and intelligent. She says her biggest weakness is a fondness for peanut butter, and says no topic is off-limits at a dinner party.