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McLeod's Daughters

Weekdays at 1.30pm | TV2

Tess Silverman McLeod

Tess (Bridie Carter) is a vivacious firebrand ready to take on the world. She was born at Drover's Run to Jack's second wife Ruth and was the product of a passionate but doomed relationship.

Following Jack's death, Tess returns to Drover's Run thinking she would sell her share and become wealthy, only to realise the property was in debt.

But Tess is endlessly resourceful and self-reliant and adapts to her surroundings, realising she must work with her sister to free Drover's Run of financial trouble.

Tess is not someone who can be ignored. Everything is big, loud and full on, with never a dull moment. Her optimism and "can do" philosophy are infectious and she injects passion and energy into daily life at the property.

What Tess gets in return is what she has always been looking for and gone without ... a sense of belonging that forms a poignant counterpoint to the strength and resilience she presents to the world.