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Stu on life after MasterChef New Zealand

Hows life been since being part of Master Chef NZs Top 12?
Life has been as busy as always, my wee girl Grace always keeps me on the toes. Since the show finished Ive been running a few fund-raising events which has been so rewarding for me to give back to the community that supported me during the show. 

What was your biggest learning curve?
Everything was a learning curve for me, moving to the big smoke living with new people and being on TV reality show things like that.

Which dish you created were you most proud of?
I was most proud of my Chocolate Tower of Terror. It was such a hard challenge and I was glad I came out on top.

What have you learned most from the experience?
The thing I have learnt most about my MasterChef experience is a strong ideas about what type of cook I am. I love cooking my easy, fresh, style of food to Friends ,Family and of course other foodies.

You all shared a house who did you get on best with and why?
All us boys got on really well. Everyone in the house came from a different background and all brought different attributes to the house, so if you where just 'laxing out having  a beer you would chill with Cam and the boys - if you wanted a laugh you would talk to Jax and Michael they are honestly so funny.

Conversely, who didnt you feel you spent enough time with?
I would have liked to spend more time with the Guest judges, they would come and go so fast, it would have been good to have a good chat with them and pick their brains.

What do you make of this years winner?
I think Nadia will be a fantastic MasterChef, She is passionate, and driven to do well, and the most important thing is that she is a really nice person.

Which MasterClass do you wish youd been part of and why?
Thats easy - the one I missed...

Whats your biggest regret about not getting further in the competition than you did?
I guess I have a small regret of being so close to the final and just missing out, but I take my hat off to Jax and Nadia both did an amazing job at the final and both could have won, as could many of the contestants in this years MasterChef.  95% skill 5% luck not magic!!

When you were evicted, what would you have changed about the challenge which saw you forced to leave?
There was nothing wrong with the challenge that saw me eliminated. Looking back I didnt perform the best on the day and thats all it takes - one bad day.  

Which challenge would you have liked to have taken part in and why?
The Final of course.

Will you continue to pursue your cooking dreams now that the show is over?
The cooking dream for me has just began. Im just in the processes now of starting up my own Cooking Classes up. To combine my ability to teach and my passion for food is a winning combination. I would like to see it grow into cooking programmes for kids , families and special events and even catering for special events.

Whats next for you?
Grow my business and most importantly keep loving the family and loving food. 

What advice would you give to future contestants, should there be another series?
If you are a sensitive person who doesnt take criticism well, apply for another show!

Fill in the gap: the kitchen utensil I look like the most is...
A wooden spoon