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Pre Grand Final Q&A with Jaimie

How do you rate your competition?
The competition is amazing. We cannot belive the level of skill. It's as if we are competing against trained chefs!

Whats been the best part of the competition up to now?

Experimenting with all different types of ingredients and techniques. Spending time with Bex has been wonderful as well. Could be a while before I flat with a girlfriend again! It's been a totally unique experince.

Whats been the worst part of the competition?

The worst part of the competition is being away from your family and friends. I have also had to be away from my busines, Cup & Cake, and it was very difficult financially on me. We nearly had to close my shop while I was away.

Which challenge did you enjoy most?
I loved the Bali challenge. It was very heavy on Mis en plus which I enjoy. It was delicious food, fun technique and a vacation all rolled into one epxerience. 

Which challenge did you hate? 
I struggled with the amount of shouting and distraction from the judges in any challenge. It felt really personal, and of course after spending months away from my family it often hurt.

Whats been the biggest challenge of cooking with a mate?
It was hard always having to compromise. Luckily my partner is amazing and as such the compromises were often the right changes, but it's still hard when you are used to cooking in your own kitchen, your own way.

What do you feel youve learned about yourself?  
I am at a point in my life that I can truly focus on anything. When I set my sights on something, no matter how difficult it may appear, I know I have the resolve, focus and will power to make it happen.

What do you feel youve learned about your partner?
Bec is a very strong woman. She went through some very difficult milestones to miss and I am very proud of her. Her ability to taste and make decisions was an fundamental asset.

Tell us something we dont know about you?
Im not a real blonde.

Whats your biggest strength going into the grand final?
Weve nothing to lose! Weve already won this, because we have achieved so much. We didnt think we would make it into the top 10! Our families are so proud, and we feel like we have stepped up on behalf of mothers everywhere.  

Whats the response from the public been like since the show started airing?
I have had so much support in Queenstown, at my shop Cup & Cake. People stop in every 10 minutes, and have had nothing but kind words for us. In Arrowtown, Becs and I both receive up to about 50 text messages from families in the community, and are stopped for photos. I was in Auckland last week and could barely walk a meter in Ponsonby without having people stop me. It was crazy, but very fun and means so much to both of us. 

The MasterChef New Zealand Grand Final airs on TV ONE on Sunday May 4th at 7.30pm!