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Paula talks her chances of beating "The Aaronater" in MasterChef's big showdown

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There can be only one - and on Sunday at 7.30pm, either Aaron or Paula will be crowned the winner of MasterChef New Zealand for 2013.
We got some time with Paula to see how she's coping, ready for the big day.

Did you ever believe you could get as far as the MasterChef NZ Grand Final?
Definitely not at first, but once you start to get closer, you have to believe you can do it!

How has the ride been getting this far?
I feel really lucky to have experienced it all, every challenge, right to the end. For me, I really knew it was the experience of a life time, I tried to soak it all up and enjoy every minute, even the crazy, hard, emotional minutes.

What's been the best moment on TV as far as you're concerned?
I loved my time in Fiji, but as for a best moment, I'm not sure. Maybe the best is yet to come. 

You've made it to the final - tell us exactly how you felt when the penultimate contestant left leaving you and one other to fight it out?
I think it really hit me at that moment. I thought "My God, I really have a bloody good shot at this." I have never won anything in my life. I didn't even realise I was a competitive person!

How would you describe your opposition on MasterChef?
Inquisitive, humble, funny, genuine, passionate, The list could go on and on I have such respect for Aaron, he is a wonderful cook and such an amazing person.

What do you believe are their strengths?
His focus, and his ability.

What are their weaknesses?
The Aaronater? I don't think he has any!

Do you have what it takes to win?
Damn yes!

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