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Nigel on life after MasterChef NZ

Nigel Anderson was evicted in Week 7, came back in Week 9 and left again in Week 11.
How have you been since being on MasterChef?
Since being on MasterChef I have been great. The experience was a fantastic roller coaster. And the memories I have taken away will last forever.

Has your life changed?
I wouldn't say my life has changed overall, however the way I view certain aspects of life may have changed slightly.

What do you think you've learned from the MasterChef experience?
The Masterchef experience taught me the value of 'giving it a go' there is no point in not doing something just because the outcome is unknown, in fact it is exactly the opposite, that is the very reason to give it a go!!

What surprised you most about the experience?
I was most surprised with the ease with which the finalists settled in to the house and the whole experience, everyone just seemed so comfortable with each other

What have you learned from being on the show?
I have learnt that confidence is the key to success in many things, I always knew that about food and cooking, but it is relevant to other aspects of life.

Have you stayed in touch with the rest of the finalists?
I am in touch with finalists all the time, either facebook, emails or just a text would be almost daily. Kirsty has been kind enough to have me stay with her on a visit to Auckland, and have caught up with a few of the others for drinks. Christine has been to Taupo for a visit. We have shared a unique experience and formed a strong bond with all of the top 12. Most of them will be attending my 40th in June. These friendships are very important to me.

Which recipe from the other contestants have you tried to make?
I would like to try all contestants recipes. I have made Sue's Chicken Fricassee, it was fantastic

What advice would you give to budding MasterChefs?
I think the most important thing is to enjoy the experience, it is so easy to get wound up with the pressure and emotion that you have to establish a balance between taking the competition seriously and having fun. When it comes to the competition itself, SEASON!!!!, the judges will remind you of it over and over again, you would never think that you will be the person to forget to check seasoning, but you will. If you can RELAX!!!, I think the key to my more successful challenges is deep breaths and making a conscious effort not to freak out. And take a little extra time to work as clean and tidy as possible, this will help with prioritizing and assist in calming your nerves.

What was the best piece of advice given to you by a judge? (And which judge was it)
I honestly don't think I can pin point a single piece of advice that I would consider the most important. The skills and knowledge of all three judges is just amazing, it is crucial to soak up all of their input.

What's next for you?
I am currently completing business plans for two new ventures in Taupo, very exciting times ahead.

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