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MasterChef moments from episode 5

MasterChef New Zealand episode five saw the finalists given their biggest challenge yet - to cook for 80 people at Ellerslie Racecourse.
Here's just some of the best moments from that episode.

"It's a strange time to be called into the Masterchef kitchen so we're pretty confused - and kind of scared" - Steve on the group being called in late into the kitchen on their next task.

"So you want us to cook for how many people?" - Steve when group is told they will be cooking for 80 at Ellerslie the next day.

"It's just mind blowing" - Mark's reaction to the Ellerslie challenge.

"This is your toughest challenge yet guys" - Ray tells it like it is.

"Being picked as team leader I was very nervous - my head is now on the chopping block if things don't go to plan" - Brett on leading the blue team.

"I feel very honoured" - Tracey on being made leader of the red team.

"Being on the winning team could give you a big advantage going into the next challenge" - Ross gives them all an incentive to do well.

"Oh but one other thing.." - Ray stops the chefs dead in their tracks with news of a cake which needs making overnight.
""We should be getting used to the fact that there's one more thing - there's always something else" - Karyn speaks the group's mind.

"Welcome to the industry guys - late nights and early mornings." - Simon tells them life isn't always great as a chef.

"We're going to be all fired up, ready to go" - Mark on the challenge ahead.

"Wow - wow" - Sue on being shown the recipes they're serving.

"Having young children, I've lived with sleep deprivation before" - Kirsty on her late night baking challenge.

"We're all quite flabberghasted but keen to tackle it" - Rob is his usual deadpan self.

"Unfortunately you've just got tonight - so no pressure" - Ross to the cake makers after they're told normally the job takes 3 days.

"Generally speaking, if there's a cake to be made at my house, my wife does it - and I'm kicked out of the kitchen" Nigel reveals more of his home life.

"The nerves hit you at that stage because you really want to have a good result" - Nigel on the reality of the cake making job ahead.
"Once you start a magnificent cake, you want to see the finish of it" - Kelly doesn't let go.

"It's a good morning wake up call - a sprint down the supermarket aisle" - Steve on their 10 mins to get all the ingredients they need while at the supermarket.
"We'll have 50 please" - Steve orders his snapper.

"R-E-D perfect food on time" - Red team chant - let's hope that doesn't come back to haunt them.
"I'm absolutely chomping at the bit" - Mark on getting ready.

"Sue, Mamma Sue who is just Julia Child of the house, so absolutely fantastic - she'll pull off the dessert" Brett has confidence in his team mates.

"Rob is a machine- he's very cool and calm" Tracey on Rob her team mate.

"Man, this is going to take me all day" Kelly on making cookie dough.

"Tracey, we need all the chips the same size - you're going to let your team down" Simon takes issue with Tracey's chips

"The initial job is the ever exciting peeling of potatoes..." Nigel tackles his enthusiasm.

"The judges said give it a good whack" Rob just before he cracks his own pestle and mortar.
"I've never seen that happen before Rob" Simon on Rob's smashing antics.

"I think tension's rising in the kitchen - and I just want to calm down and make my mousse" Mamma Sue's mantra.

"I think the blue team are gonna make it - how do you think the red team will do?" Ross assesses the competition. Simon's reply - "I don't think the red team have got a show at the moment"

"Make sure all the plastic comes off - or I'll make you eat it" Ross to  the Blue team on their tuna prep.

"Is it cooking though?It's just a marriage of flavours" Simon Wright of the French Cafe on the starter prepped by the Red Team

"I'm astonished - I can't believe that amateurs have done such a beautiful job" Ray on the seared yellow tuna served by the Blue Team.

"Get out to the table, smooth it over, find out what it is - deal with it" Simon gives Brett some advice on dealing with their first ever complaint.
"It's better than hair" Complainant on finding cling film in the tuna.
"How could I make that up to you?" Brett - followed by the ladies' nervous laughter...

"Orders started coming in - I started freaking out a little bit" Rob on the reality of the task.
"Right now Tracey - I'm running your team - start running it" Simon to Tracey giving her the cue to step up.
"Big deep breath - we'll get through this; relax, take stock" Simon tries to reassure Tracey

"Team's working like a machine - what can I say" Brett on the Blue Team's cooking efforts

"This is a bit of reality - little do they know none of us have cooked like that before in our lives" Rob has pity on the paying guests.

"Tracey looks like she's about to burst into tears" Karyn rallies her team mate.
"She's team captain - and she needs to pull it together" Karyn on Tracey

"It's a big black mark I'm afraid" Ray on cold plates served up by the Red Team

"Probably a couple of steak are a little under- yeah that wasn't a good look" Rob on sending out some undercooked meat.

"Yeah I don't do blood" Guest on being given one of Rob's undercooked meat dishes.

"Tracey and I said yesterday 'look it's more about getting the food out'" Brett's take on the Blue team helping out the Red before adding: "I just don't think they expected it to be them"

"It's about three seconds away from turning into my granny's baked egg custard" Ray on Mark's brulee

"Could you sell it in a restaurant?" Ray on the creme brulee - Simon from the French café's response " I wouldn't want to"

"That looks like a turd" Ross doesn't mince his words on Sue's Mousse

"It looks like it came out of the kitchen of Wilma Flintstone" Ray on the Blue team's dessert

"It is a remarkable achievement" Ray on the work done by both teams.

"Everyone's always a bit freaked out when there's an elimination - because you never know" Brett - worrying about his 2 dishes that stuffed up

"Like any day at the races, there are the winners and the also rans" Ross

"Timing issues and a few disasters in the kitchen added up to an overall poor performance" Simon on the losers, the Red Team.

"Brett let me tell ya - it was your timing, your inspiration and your leadership that brought your team to the first place" Ross congratulates the winners.
"I don't like being in the losing team - I am competitive and I want to win" Kelly rues her team's loss.

Rob - " I'd rate today's performance out of 10, 21/2 that wasn't a good day"

"One of you is going home" Simon spills the truth.

"You've got the heads up so we're expecting you to win" Simon to Brett after he was given the heads up on next week's challenge involving pies.

"You know I can see you one day as an executive chef in one of my restaurants" Simon to Brett

Vital statistics -

Blue team consisted of Kirsty, Nigel, Sue, Steve and Brett - Brett was elected leader

Red team consisted of Tracey (leader) Rob, Kelly, Mark and Karyn

For the late night cake making Kelly and Rob were selected from the Red team; for the blue team it was Kirsty and Nigel

Blue team won the challenge but it wasn't all plain sailing - Brett's starter and Nigel and Steve's fish were commended but Kirsty and Sue's dessert let the team down according to Ray.

Blue team were taken to Sails' restaurant as prize - and the team's best performer - Brett was given a peek into next week's mystery box challenge.

The Red Team's post game assessment:

"Not yr best effort" was the overall judgement.

Rob - "behind the eight ball and it put the whole team under pressure" - Simon
Karyn - "you had the easiest dish of the day" Simon
Kelly - "made too much cookie dough - wasted time" - Simon
Tracey - "you lost your nerve, spent too much time running around" - Simon
Mark - " You lacked a real sense of urgency" Simon - Mark's response  "Fair enough"

Kelly, Mark, Karyn did well enough to go through to the next round.

Rob and Tracey found themselves in the bottom 2 - and Tracey was kicked out - however, Simon's last words to Tracey - "You should do that café because I think you'll be a great success"