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Last supper claims a fresh MasterChef scalp

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It was a challenge of "biblical proportions" and one which saw the Top 13 given free reign in the pantry and told they could cook what they wanted. The catch was it was a challenge to provide the judges with their Last Supper meal.
Sadly, despite cooking with their heart on their plate, one had to leave. And this week's evictee was Michael, who the judges felt was the only contestant who failed to deliver what he'd promised. That meant an end to his MasterChef NZ dream - but a chance to answer our questions.

What has the experience been like?
It has been one stressful, colourful mess, but an enjoyable one. There were up and downs but the people I've met, and the experiences I've had, have made this whole MasterChef experience worthwhile.

What aspects of your cooking have improved from being a contestant on MasterChef?
Cleaning! Trying to keep a tidy work space. I think I was pretty terrible at that on the show. I think that's improved a bit.  

What will you miss about being part of the top 16?
I'll miss the people. Although it was a competition, the people on the show were lovely, and I've made some friends for life. And all the food of course! Have you seen that pantry?

What's your biggest regret about not getting further than you did?
My biggest regret would be just not doing things a little more simply. I think I tried to do too much. Sometimes, less is more.

When you were evicted, what would you have changed about the challenge which saw you forced to leave?
I would have done less, and focused on doing one dish - rather than three.

Who will you miss most from the MasterChef NZ competition and why?
I'll miss Dana as she was the one that kept me sane in the house. She's honestly the craziest person I've met, but I love her for it. She was a lot of fun to be around and we had a lot of fun in the house together.
Which piece of advice from the judges would you consider to be the most valuable?
They had a lot of advice. However, when you're staring into each of their death stares the advice rides over you, so I can't exactly remember much. However, I'll always remember Josh saying never to put inedible garnishes on a dish. 

What one food would you eat every day for the rest of your life if you had to? Why?
Cheese! It's so good and there are so many types of cheese! Plus it goes well with everything, sweet or savoury. 

What's next for you?
I've returned back to university part time to finish off my thesis, and I've also joined the workforce. I've just landed a job as the marketing advisor and food scientist at the New Zealand Honey Company based in Dunedin. 

Fill in the gap - the kitchen utensil you look the most like is...
A whisk. Because I go a little crazy sometimes.