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Jaimie discusses the MasterChef NZ Grand Final

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Jaimie talks to about how she feels after narrowly losing out on winning MasterChef New Zealand with her partner, Bec.

Commiserations how does it feel to have got this far in the competition?
Its a feeling of great accomplishment to be in the MasterChef NZ Grand Finale. Working with the celebrity chefs and learning from them was a superb experience as my techniques entering the competition were self-taught.  Every week that we stayed on was a genuine achievement on its own.

How was the grand final for you?
The finale was a bit of a blur. The competition was close, it was intense. Having been away from my family for close to three months was very difficult. Both Bex and I were feeling the separation from our children more than ever. Being in Queenstown made it that much more heart-wrenching knowing that I was so geographically close to home yet completely physically separated from them.

What was the high point of the final?
Working with Matt Moran. It was an invaluable experience that I will never forget. I have already integrated his techniques with lamb.
What was the low point?
In the finale, knowing that my adorable 4 year old son was just down the road, but I couldnt see him.

What have you learnt about yourself on this journey?
Through this competition, Ive learned that self-taught is not the same as being a trained chef. I tried to learn as much as I could from both the celebrity chefs and Simon, Ray & Josh. It was like I attended an entire cooking school program in 60 minute increments (with no exam, only a competition!)

What have you learnt about your partner on this journey?
Through this journey, I have learned that Bex and I make a great team! We were challenged in every episode which made us step it up as a team. Although we have differing approaches, we both wanted the same results and worked hard together.

Who will you stay in touch with from the house?
Probably stay in touch with all of the fellow contestants.

Which piece of advice was the most important?
The best advice came from Simon Gault to improve my technique with spheres in the molecular gastronomy challenge. 

Which dish will you never cook again?
I will cook everything again and have no reason not to!

What are your future plans now?
My future plans include my family, food and travel.


Watch the MasterChef New Zealand 2014 Grand Final below!