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The inside word with Carlos - Week 4

This week's challenge was to cook 2 signature dishes from a guest judge in just 2 hours.

Which chef would you like to cook for - and which dishes of theirs would be your preferred choice?
I would for Simon, just because he has travelled throughout Europe and he knows what's good and what's not! Plus I enjoy cooking European food too. It would be great to have an Italian cook off with him, making a real "Ragu" or Ragout.

How do you think you would have coped with the pressure?
I could have handled the pressure, but, I couldn't have handled the heat, man it looked like they were in a sauna - poor them.

Most of the contestants had never seen the main ingredient, tripe, before - what would have been your nightmare ingredient to have cooked with - and why?
Not tripe as I have cooked it before, I think frog legs would be the worst as I have a massive phobia of frogs! My arms would be flailing behind me as run away from the kitchen.

How would you have overcome that?
To be honest, I don't know I would need to be in that situation to overcome it, but I would try to do my best. You saw Eva the vegan from the top 24, she tried meat, so if she did why not me?

2 hours is not very long to cook 2 dishes and under pressure - a few of the contestants made a couple of mistakes - what do you think would be the toughest part of the challenge?
Managing the time would be the toughest part of the challenge as those two dishes that they cooked were full of different ingredients and techniques, one mistake and it's all over. That's what happened to Andy last night; time was not on his side.

Is it easy to recover when you think you've made an error which could ruin your dish?
Depending on what you are cooking I guess; if the camera has not caught and the judges are not watching you then yeah, otherwise it may be a case of having to start all over again.

Have you ever had to salvage a dish which has gone wrong? And did the person you were cooking for notice?
Oh no!!! Do I really have to answer this?? I think I have but don't think they noticed - hahaha.

What exactly goes through your mind when the judges start looking at your food before passing judgement on it?
I always expected the worst but hoped for the best, but what went through my mind was "wow they are intimidating! What are they going to say? are they going to like it?"

Andy was the latest person to leave - did you think the judges made the right choice?
The contestants were dealing with four professional Chefs; these Chefs are looking for the first New Zealand Masterchef. They want to find someone who can cook, be creative and handle the pressure; sadly my good friend Andy did not display these qualities this week. Keep it up Andy; I know you can do it.

Next week the final ten will be cooking for around 80 paying guests - what advice would you offer them?
* A good night's sleep
* A good breakfast
* Forget that you are cooking for 80 people
* Drink lots of water
* Ignore the cameras and judges comments and most importantly
* Have fun and you'll be sweet as.