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The inside word with Carlos - Week 10

Get the inside word on the MasterChef NZ competition with top 24 finalist and resident blogger, Carlos Garcia.

Making desserts seems to divide chefs, some really like them, some hate doing them, where do you stand?

I don't hate them!  Desserts are our friend.  In fact I am eating some right now, a simply scrumptious Mississippi Mud Cake.

If you had to choose between sweet or savoury - what do you prefer cooking?

I prefer savoury, everyone enjoys a good main dish and there seems to be less stigma with it!  "Oh, no, I can't eat that, I'm on a diet" - words I don't adhere to!

The contestants had a really difficult task - do you think it was too hard?

It was a difficult task, but they are there to develop as chefs.  This was a great test to see what they would do and I am sure they will go away from this test with lots of questions for themselves.

The judges seemed to be a bit nicer this week...

Sugar is sweet and so are you, isn't that the way the saying goes?  Maybe they enjoyed standing back and watching everyone sweat it out this week.  They might have been nicer, but the task was crazy hard!

So Kirsty got eliminated this week - Kirsty had been doing so well in the competition, was it a shock for you?

It wasn't really a shock tonight, as she didn't work to her potential.  Like she said, elements of her desert were impressive, but overall it wasn't good enough.  Each week we have seen some incredible creations from Kirsty but, unfortunately for her, the results are not cumulative.

Only five remain, who's your favourite for the title and why?

Based on what I have seen, Steve is doing a great job and if he keeps performing the way he is, then the title should be his.

Three episodes left, what have you thought of the series so far?

I have been really impressed with the series.  It is a slick production and the quality settings highlight the best of New Zealand's culinary offerings.  The judges are doing a really great job and the contestants are shining!

Do you still get recognised as a Masterchef finalist?

Well, I am fabulous and gorgeous, so of course I do!

How many times have you been asked to cook for people since appearing on TV?

It's more of a case of how many times diner at friend's houses gets turned into "take aways"! It's strange though, every time I offer to cook, the invitation is accepted!

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