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Gazpacho Jelly

(total prep time 1 hour 30 minutes including hanging time)


20 vine tomatoes

2 red bell peppers

½ telegraph cucumber (peeled and deseeded)

750g whole peeled Italian tomatoes

½ red chilli (deseeded and chopped or as desired)

150ml Heinz ketchup

400ml tomato juice

10 large basil leaves


4 leaves gelatine


Squeeze the vine tomatoes so all the seeds are released.

Discard the seeds and place tomatoes into a high speed blender jug; add the peppers, cucumber, whole peeled tomatoes, chilli, ketchup, tomato juice and basil then blend until a liquid. Then pass through two fat filters doubled together. This will take about 1 hour 15 minutes and provide approximately 1ltr of clear gazpacho liquid. Then take 100ml of the gazpacho and place the gelatine leaves into the liquid (this allows the gelatine to soften) once the gelatine has softened heat the liquid to melt the gelatine, once it is completely melted then mix with the remaining liquid. (note if you don’t have 1ltr of gazpacho liquid, simply equate it so you use 1 leaf per 250mls) Chill to 4 °C. Set aside until needed. best served at 4-5°C.


(total prep time 1hour 30 minutes including proving time)


135g    organic Mitoku kuzu

4g        garlic

  1. fresh yeast
  2. Texturas xantana
  3. salt
  4. sugar

202ml  water


In a bowl combine all the ingredients together and mix with a hand held blender until the mixture is completely mixed and creamy. Wrap the bowl with cling film and leave the dough to ferment at 45-50°C (or in a warm place) for 40 minutes; it will increase in size by approximately 3 times. Once this has happened remove the cling film and beat the mixture with a spoon to knock out the excess air, the dough should have the consisitancy of a soft sponge. Onto a silpat sheet spoon 1 Tbsp amounts of the mixture then using the back of the spoon or a small pallet knife drag the mixture into smears.

Bake at 180°C for 8 minutes or until lightly golden and crispy. Remove from the oven and flip the breads over then place back into the oven but at 100°C until completely crispy approximately 10-15 minutes


Tomato jam

(total prep time 40 minutes including cooking time)


500g    Ripe tomatoes (small romas)

75g      sugar

1Tbsp   Simon Gault Home Cuisine Italian seasoning

2g        black peppercorns crushed

20ml    lemon juice

2g        table salt

50ml    water

  1. Texturas agar


Make a small bag containing the Italian seasoning and black peppercorns

Blanch and peel the tomatoes. Cut into quarters and discard the seeds. Dissolve the agar in the 50ml of water with a hand-held blender.

Then in a saucepan combine the tomatoes, sugar, lemon juice, salt and the bag of seasoning & peppercorns. Bring the ingredients to the boil the turn down to a steady simmer, occasionally shaking the pot to ensure the mixture does not stick to the sauce pan (do not use wooded spoon as it will break the tomato pieces) Cook until a jammy yet chunky texture is achieved (approximately 20minutes). Remove from the heat and allow to cool. Remove the bag of seasoning and pepper. Set aside until needed.


Burrata Spheres


1 burrata, Shredded

70g buratta brine

70 g cream, bring to boil

5g Texturas gluco

4g murray river salt

1g Texturas xantana


1000ml water


500ml water.


Place burrata and brine into a high speed blender, blend until grainy around 20 seconds, in a heavy based sauce pan bring the cream to the boil, remove from the heat and pour into the blender, blend again for 10 seconds then add the gluco and salt and blend for a further 10 seconds lastly add the xantana blend for 10 seconds, transfer the mix to a vac pac bag and vacuum to remove excess air bubbles ( these will make the spheres float) .

To make the Algin bath place the water and algin into a high speed blender and blend for 2 minutes. Then place into plastic bags and vacuum pac (this removes the air bubbles). Using a table spoon measure pour ¾ of a tablespoon measure into the algin bath to make the spheres. Leave in the algin bath for 40 seconds then remove with a slotted spoon and refresh in clean water.




¼ tsp Caviaroli olive oil caviar

3 basil leave tips

1tsp mozzarella spaghetti

½ slice iberico ham


To serve the dish pour 45ml of gazpacho jelly into the cups (this needs to be 4-5°C, then place a buratta sphere into the gazpaqcho. Onto a kuzu wafer place the tomato jam then the iberico ham followed by the spaghetti mozzarella, Caviaroli then the basil leaves. Place the kuzu wafer on top of the cup and serve.