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Episode 26 - Taupo Beef Rump, hot and cold with onions and crisp béarnaise:

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Taupo Beef Rump, hot and cold with onions and crisp béarnaise:



Trim the fat of the rump and reserve, Dice the fat and mix with some salt. Cook over low heat in a frying pan to make (crackling)
Clean 100g of meat, and finely dice, reserve in the fridge.

Reserve a trimmed 300g piece of meat and bring to room temperature. Rub with salt and cook on the stove until almost medium. Place into 60 degree oven for at least 30 minutes.

Crisp béarnaise

240ml milk
34g cornflower
200g melted butter
30g mustard
30ml white wine vinegar
Tarragon powder
Egg whites

Bring milk and cornflour to the boil. In a processor add the mustard, white wine vinegar, tarragon powder and seasoning. Blitz together and add in the milk and cornflour mix. Drizzle in slowly the melted butter. Place onto a lined tray or plate about 7mm thick and set in the blast freezer. Blitz the panko till fine.
Cut béarnaise into 7mm cubes. Panne with egg and panko. Place back in the freezer to set. Deep fry at 170 degrees until golden.

Sousvide onions

VackPack unpeeled pickling onions with salt pepper and olive oil and thyme. Cook in a water bath at 88 degrees for 45 minutes. Cut in half lengthways and caramelise with blowtorch.


Red wine reduction

150g onion rings, thick
1 clove garlic
1 pc star anise
375ml dessert wine
750ml Merlot

In a pressure cooker cook the onion rings until deep golden in colour, add in remaining ingredients and pressure cook for 30 minutes.
Strain and reduce to taste.

Caramelised onions

3 onions, sliced

Caramelize until deep golden and roughly chop. Season with lime zest and juice.

Pickled shallots

100g sushi seasoning
100g hoegaarden
2 shallots, sliced.
Mix together the hoegaarden and sushi seasoning stir in shallots.

Pea Puree

Blanch 500g peas in salted water, drain, puree and pass through fine sieve, salt pepper and butter, reserve in squeezy bottle.

Beef Jus  

Reduce the jus to taste and slowly add in red wine reduction to taste.

Mustard cress to garnish


Sweet and sour

30g sugar
100g white vinegar
2 bay leaves
5 pepper corns
140ml water

Place everything into a pot and bring to the boil to dissolve the sugar. Cool down to room temperature before adding in the micro vegetables.

Micro vegetables

Clean and trim the fennel and carrots

Sourdough croutons

Thinly slice the sourdough and using the smallest ring cutter, cut 5 rings. Season and drizzle olive oil, place into a cold pan and cover with baking paper, place a smaller pan on top and gently cook until golden.


Tomato sauce
Tabasco sauce
Dijon mustard
Olive oil
Salt to taste
Lemon and lime juice to taste
2 oysters

Mix together tomato sauce, Tabasco, mustard, olive oil, and brunoise shallot.
Through the meat and season to taste. Shuck the oysters and keep the juice. Place into a lined sieve to remove any sand , rinse the oysters and place back into the juice.
Carefully dice the oyster into 0.5cm cubes, fold the meat and juice of the oysters through the rump. Adjust seasoning with salt, lemon and lime juice.
Roll a cylinder of tartare in glad wrap about 10cm by 2 cm.

Horseradish cream

50g cream cheese
60ml cream
20g horseradish

Whip the cream cheese until soft. Whip cream until stiff peaks.
Fold horseradish through cream; fold in cream cheese, and season
Reserve in a piping bag in the fridge.

Micro herbs

3 baby turnips
3 Micro cress 
2-3 Nasturtium flower and leaf cut the leaves with the 2nd smallest ring cutter.
3 Cut small spinach leave s into a small arrow shape
3 Cos cut the stem from the outside so it looks like a boat

For the Nasturtium flower pick the petals and cut the leaves with the 2nd smallest ring cutter. Cut small spinach leave into small arrow shapes
Cut the stem from the outside of the cos lettuce so it looks like a boat.