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Episode 1 - Nasi tomato and chilli chicken

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Episode 1 - Nasi tomato and chilli chicken

Nasi tomato

2 Cups Jasmin rice 
1/2 Can Tomato puree
1/3 Can Eveporated milk
6 Shallots, finely chopped
2 Cloves
2 Cardamon
1 Star anise
2 tbsp Clarified butter

Chilli chicken
4 Chicken thighs bone in skin on
7 Red chillies
2.5cm Ginger
7 Shallots
2 Cloves
2 Cardamon
1 Star anise
4 tbsp Clarified butter
3/4 Can Tomato puree
1/2 Can Evaporated milk
1/2 Onion cut into rings

1/4 Cabbage julienne
2 Carrots julienne
1 Onion
4 Garlic cloves
2 tbsp tumeric
2 tbsp Mustard seeds
2 tbsp Peanut oil

Melt the clarified butter in a deep pan. Add the shallot, cloves, cardamon and star anise cook untill the shallots are golden brown. Add in the tomato puree, evaporated milk and rice cover and cook for 20 minutes or untill cooked. 

Finely chop the chilli, ginger, shallot. Melt the clarified butter in a deep pan and fry off. Add in the cloves, cardamon and star anise. Add in the chicken thighs and sear all sides. Add tomato puree, evaporated milk and onion rings, bring to the boin and simmer for 20-30 minutes with the lid on.

For the cabbage, heat up a pan and addin oil, onion and garlic cook untill soft add in cabbage and carrots, tumeric and mustard seeds. Cook untill the cabbage is tender and mustard seed are soft. Season with salt and sugar

To serve place in a bowl with the rice, then cabbage and top with the chicken

This recipe is untested in the MasterChef kitchen