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MasterChef duck contender flies away from the kitchen

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This week's mystery box challenge saw Raheel Kerr come a cropper. The vegetarian divided the finalists in an elimination cook-off after she revealed she was no longer sure she wanted to be part of the MasterChef New Zealand competition. This caused scorn from some of the other contestants in the most explosive episode of the season yet.

We caught up with Raheel to get her answers to our questions.

What has the experience been like? 
 I found the whole experience to be less about the food and more about the competition and characters. In saying that, I learnt so much food-wise in the short time I was there and for that I am grateful.

What aspects of your cooking have improved from being a contestant on MasterChef?

I am still duck-shy! But after numerous cuts, my knife skills have improved. 

What will you miss about being part of the top 16?
I'll miss a few wonderful people that inspired me.

What's your biggest regret about not going further than you did?
I'll be jealous of some of the journeys and challenges that the rest of the top 16 will go through.

When you were evicted, what would you have changed about the challenge which saw you forced to leave?    
Probably not trying harder in my elimination challenge. In hindsight I could have definitely cooked that salmon fillet with a little more love. 

Who will you miss most from the MasterChef NZ competition?
The lovely and stylish Corinna. If you can weasel her chocolate cake recipe out of her, you'll be lucky because it is to die for!

Which piece of advice from the judges would you consider to be the most valuable?
I loved the encouragement Ray gave me in my elimination challenge. Sure I lost, but his words were very calming and helped me center and not get too caught up with things I couldn't control.

What one food would you eat every day for the rest of your life if you had to?
Cheese, cheese, cheese. A life without cheese would be very sad indeed. 

What's next for you?
Hopefully some quiet time with my partner and pottering about in my garden. Looking forward to planting the winter veges soon.

Fill in the gap - the kitchen utensil I look most like is...
What an odd question! Errr... A pepper grinder?