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Christine on life after MasterChef NZ

Christine Hobbs has the dubious honour of being the first person to have left MasterChef NZ.

How have you been since being on MasterChef?
Life doesn't seem to be the same kind of 'normal' really - I feel more confident in myself and ready to be a bit more assertive. I really miss the other 11 contestants and hope to have a chance to catch up with them all soon. 

Has your life changed?
It seems that my future has more opportunities now... I'm pretty sure they were there all along but now I have more confidence in pursuing them. I guess I doubted myself a little before and not so much now. My world seems wider and more exciting. I'm intrigued by the little  taste I'm getting of what 'fame' might be like but I'm even happier that it won't last. 

What do you think you've learned from the MasterChef experience?
I guess I've learned to believe more in myself, and that I'm probably as good as the next person at slapping a meal on a plate (almost...). Also that with food, quality and freshness go a huge distance towards achieving a great outcome. I know more about what I like about food, and that's the sharing of effort, ingredients, time and place with friends. I know too that I can usually taste the flavours in my head before they exist on a plate. And that's very useful!

What surprised you most about the experience?
What I was most surprised to learn was that I was going to be a show-pony and that people would recognise me on the street: I never thought I would get as far through and so I hadn't really processed that item of information. If I had I would have been quite a lot more worried..I was very surprised at how wonderful the judges and the other contestants were too.

What have you learned from being on the show?
I've learned that I was better on the day than a number of other people but that given another day it may have been different.

Have you stayed in touch with the rest of the finalists?
Yes, they're awesome. I want to be like them!

Which recipe from the other contestants have you tried to make?
I have only one recipe from another of them, and that's Karyn's bread recipe. I haven't attempted it yet. Yeast scares me.

What advice would you give to budding MasterChefs?
Go ahead and enter! Don't give it a second thought, don't over-think it, cook what you like to eat and do please believe you are worthy. But not too worthy.

What was the best piece of advice given to you by a judge? (And which judge was it)
There's not really one piece of advice that sticks in my mind. Although early on, during the second cooking audition, Ross explained how to improve my Rangiputa Fish Cake recipe from a  technical perspective and I appreciated that he would share this knowledge.

What's next for you?
Well, the world's my fish cake really! I'm looking forward to being brave enough to tackle the unknown more often and to do it with faith in myself.

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