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Crayfish Cocktail with Smoked Chipotle Bloody Mary

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Crayfish Cocktail with Smoked Chipotle Bloody Mary
Recipe by Simon Gault

Serves 6

2 x 600g crayfish, cooked & cut in half lenghth ways
6 x small baby cos lettuce, finely sliced, 18 whole baby leaves reserved

Bloody Mary Mix
250ml tomato juice
25ml vodka
Smoked chipotle Tabasco or horseradish to taste
1 tbsp Worchestershire sauce
1 tbsp port
freshly ground black pepper
18 pipettes

Marie Rose Sauce
250ml mayonnaise
1 tbsp tomato paste
30ml brandy
Tabasco sauce to taste

1. To prepare the crayfish, hold the body ?rmly and remove the tail. Place the tail on a chopping board and split it lengthways down the middle. Open it out, carefully remove the ?esh and slice it into 1cm medallions. Set aside.

2. To make the bloody Mary mix, combine all ingredients together, season to taste and refrigerate for one hour.

3. To make the Marie Rose sauce, combine the mayonnaise, tomato paste, brandy, and Tabasco together and season to taste with salt.

4. To serve, fill the pipettes with the Bloody Mary mix and trim the end of the pipette. In a bowl combine enough Marie Rose sauce to bind together the sliced lettuce. Place whole baby cos lettuce leaves on a serving dish and then spoon on the dressed lettuce. Place crayfish on top and use the pipette as a skewer into the crayfish.

Crayfish should be cooked one at a time so that the temperature of the water is maintained. Once your crayfish has come to the boil in a pot, allow 1 minute per 100grm of crayfish for your cooking time.

To kill a crayfish before cooking, position the point of a large kitchen knife between the eyes, with the blade facing away from the tail. Press the point of the knife firmly into the head until it goes through to the cutting board, then bring the blade down firmly between the eyes.