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Week Three Recap

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Week starting 2 August:

On Monday,  the contestants faced a pressure test where they had to cook a Neil Perry fish dish, judged by Neil himself and the Top 24 contestants were finally decided. 

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Tuesday saw the Top 24 arrive at the MasterChef house. From there they headed straight to the MasterChef kitchen where they had 90 minutes to create a dish that was a childhood memory.  Alvin wowed the judges with his Drunken Chicken with Bruised Snake Bean Salad and won the challenge.

He went on to face celebrity chef Luke Nguyen, chef and owner of Red Lantern in Sydney on Wednesday to try and win the first immunity prize. They both cooked a Vietnamese banquet of three dishes. The judges blind tasted the banquets and while they enjoyed Alvin's dishes, Luke scored the most points.

Thursday and Friday was the first team challenge and the contestants took over two Italian restaurants in Sydney. It was up to the customers to decide how much they would pay for their meals and it was the red team who made the most money and won the challenge.

After the challenge, Sarah decided she needed to be with her family and left MasterChef.

The judges decided that Devon and Jonathan from the losing blue team performed the worst during the challenge and they now face an elimination round on Monday.