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Week Seventeen Recap

Week Seventeen (starting 8 November)

Don't forget you can still catch episodes from last week Ondemand.

Monday was the first team challenge with the three returnees back in the competition.

It was another formidable team challenge as the red and blue teams had to compete in a baking cook off and be judged by the iconic Australian Country Woman's Association. 

Both teams were nervous about presenting their food to the baking experts and struggled with the challenge. 

The judges, joined by CWA rep Angela Mutton, eventually named the red team as the winners so the blue team faced elimination.

It was a surprising result from the elimination challenge on Tuesday.

The red team enjoyed their reward lunch at Bilson's while the bottom two from the blue team, Aaron and Jimmy, faced a fix the dish elimination challenge.

They were tasked with fixing a flawed Coq a Vin and both Aaron and Jimmy came out with practically identical dishes.

The judges were unable to decide so both Aaron and Jimmy were saved from elimination to the surprise of everyone.

Midweek it was another round of MasterClasses with Gary and George.

The recipes included Adults Only Eggs Benedict, Mushroom Risotto and Gateau Opera

Alvin and Adam also attended a private MasterClass at Belle Fleur where they learnt the ins and outs of working with chocolate.

Friday presented a Mystery Box Challenge with a huge variety of ingredients including: snails, puff pistachios, white chocolate, and capsicum.

The top three dishes selected for tasting were Adam, Alvin & Callum.

Alvin was judged the best so he selected the core ingredient for the home style invention challenge and the pairs that everyone worked in.

Each pair had to cook a two course meal with the core ingredients of chicken and oranges.

The judges were joined by special guest judge Margaret Fulton and awarded the challenge to Claire & Adam. The losing pairs Alvin & Marion and Peter & Aaron will all face the pressure test on Monday.