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Who Left This Week?

Which contestants faced the chop this week?

Jonathan Daddia (Episode 73 - Monday 29th November)

Jonathan's hunger for cooking developed while he was living in London when he was 22-years-old.

His passion for food combined with determination drove him to ask for a job at Gordon Ramsay's restaurant Petrus despite having no experience as a chef.  They turned him down but he didn't take no for an answer and ended up doing unpaid work experience. "I went into the kitchen for a few Saturdays and it was fantastic," says Jonathan

It was his determination that saw him battle on throughout the competition and survive eight elimination rounds, with fellow contestants calling him "the Eliminator".

It was an unlucky ninth elimination challenge that ended his dream of winning the title of MasterChef Australia.  Christine Mansfield's complex Spice roasted Squab dish , with 18 different processes, proved too difficult and it sent him home.

 "My heart sank and it was such a shame to miss out on the final week," he said in an interview with Wentworth Courier.

Jonathan's utlimate goal is to open a traditional French bistro in the Eastern Suburbs.

"I'm working on plans at the moment and I'm excited about it, but I might look at opening a wine bar with some food as a first venture," he told the Australian newspaper.

Aaron Harvie (Episode 75 - Wednesday 1st December)

Aaron was the rock star in this series of MasterChef Australia, the manager of a rock band who wanted to become a cook.

He opted for a career change after some wise advice from his stepfather. According to Aaron, he said "if I'm not happy with what I'm doing, then do the things that you want to do now while you have the time before you have regrets later in life."

Aaron seemed to have luck on his side through the competition. Although he had less expertise than some of his fellow MasterChef contestants, Aaron often scraped through elimination challenges. Most notoriously, he won an elimination challenge over competition favourite Marion.

An elimination challenge based around fish, sent him home eventually. In an interview with 3AW Radio, Aaron described  his attempt at fish and chips as a "catastrophe"

"It's hard to be out, but it was a fantastic experience," he told New Idea magazine, "I'm not complaining. I didn't think I'd get that far!"

Like Marion, Aaron is working on his own line of food products. He reveals, "It's a line of Mexican and Italian sauces and oils. And yes, there will be chilli in it!"