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Working with Christine

This week on Marae, 7 June 2009

Working With Christine

Two years ago she publicly stated that child abuse was a Mäori problem.

Now, Christine Rankin has been appointed to one of the most influential jobs affecting whanau - Families Commissioner.

Can Maori live with her? Tahuri Tumoana reports.

Aurere Live Interview

It remains a problem that lashes at the very soul of Mäori.

Latest research reveals Mäori boys are six times more likely to be killed by their parents, while Mäori girls are three times more likely to be killed by their parents.

So what to do about child abuse and whanau violence?

With Shane in studio are Families Commissioner Kim Workman and Canon Hone Kaa, spokesperson for tamariki advocacy group Te Kahui Mana Ririki.

Whaea Wai's Way With Wairua

Wai Turoa-Morgan can't remember when she last saw a winter. That's because she's spent so long following the sun, from Aotearoa to Europe.

Why? Because she's in hot demand as a teacher at some of Europe's shaman schools, where students learn how to reconnect with their spirituality - using Whaea Wai's way with wairua.

Arana Taumata reports.