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Te Ohaki - dying wishes

This week on Marae 31st August 2008

Te Ohaki - dying wishes

"What would you do if you knew you only had a few months to live?"
Well, Dr Paratene Ngata who's a GP in Tolaga Bay faced that reality earlier this year when he was diagnosed with lung cancer.

The news shook people around the motu and many have already gathered to farewell this marvellous man&. to hear his Ohaki & his dying wishes.

In spite of some raised eyebrows, Dr Pat is openly sharing his funeral plans and talking about the only certain thing in life&death.

He shared some of his life with Cushla Tangaere-Manuel.

Aurere - Lung Cancer in Maori - a neglected priority*

The death rate from lung cancer in Mäori is three times higher than in non-Mäori.....

The average age of death from lung cancer in Mäori is lower than non-Mäori.

Furthermore the incidence of lung cancer in New Zealand Mäori is, without exception, the highest in the world!

Does anyone know why?

Dr David Jansen, Chairman Te Ohu Rata o Aotearoa (Mäori Medical Practitioners Association of Aotearoa) and Lui Perez, Mäori Healer, are with Shane Taurima to discuss why Maori are more susceptible to developing lung cancer.
* Report published in The Journal of the New Zealand Medical Association 15 April 2005. Taurima