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Severed Connections

This week on Marae 13th July 2008

Connections severed
Imagine burying your Tupuna in what you believe is their final resting place...only to find their remains on public display in a glass cabinet. Even today, this reminder of our colonial past can still be seen in museums worldwide. Recent years have seen a steady stream of 'repatriations' ...where remains are returned... But do they eventually get home? Arana Taumata reports.

Asian Persuasion and Drama in Ikaroa
The Mäori party began last week calling for tighter immigration laws - after a report showed the Asian population in New Zealand is set to overtake the number of Mäori. By the end of the week the party was defending its Ikaroa Rawhiti candidate Derek Tini Fox, after a tabloid newspaper made serious allegations about his past. Joining Shane Taurima in studio to discuss these issues is Mäori party co-leader Dr Pita Sharples.

Te Atiwei's Kete
Barely 21 years old&yet Te Atiwei Ririnui's skill at traditional Mäori weaving delights everyone&everywhere. But perhaps what pleases the most&is the sight of a young man taking pleasure in what's still mistakenly regarded as woman's work. Anahera Vercoe reports.