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PORK, PUHA and 1080?

This week on Marae, 6 December 2009

London Live With Shane Taurima
Marae presenter Shane Taurima talks with international news broadcaster Mereana Hond, live from London.

PORK, PUHA & 1080?
For 50 years 1080 poison has been the Number One weapon against pests threatening the Nation's wildlife and meat export industry.

But at what cost to the environment and future generations? And what does puha and a cup of tea have to do with 1080?

Reporter Karley Hemopo brings us the story.

Battling For Bucks
In the hip hop world to "battle" is to compete to prove you're the best.

In Waikato though, four dance crews have joined forces. A month ago they battled in Hamilton to raise funds to compete in the World Supremacy Battle in Melbourne, Australia.

Our studio director and hip hop citizen, Te Rina Kowhai was in "H-town" to "check their styles".  

Marae Summer Series: The best of 2009
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Merry Xmas and Happy New Year.