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Harata's Hikoi

This week on Marae 6th July 2008

Harata's Hikoi
It's only a one hour plane trip from Auckland to Wellington.

But for Harata Williams and Lucy McGahn last Wednesday's flight signalled the end of a long journey - to get their people's land back through what is now commonly known as the Tree Lords deal.

Tahuri Tumoana reports.

Dr Reti
Primary health care working worldwide. That's the mission Harvard University Medical School has for Doctor Shane Reti.

Over the past week he's been home, visiting whanau, and reporter Anahera Vercoe caught up with him on Tuesday -just before he flew back to the United States.

Billion Dollar Blow
As of today 22 Treaty of Waitangi claims have been settled.

The cost so far? Somewhere in the region of eight hundred million dollars - just a couple of hundred million short of the 1 billion dollars set aside in the infamous "Fiscal Envelope".

Why infamous? Because it was condemned and rejected by Mäori at each of the eleven iwi consultation hui convened by the 1993 National Government.

Along came MMP in 1996 and a National - NZ First coalition government abandoned it. But what about Tainui and Ngai Tahu's relativity clauses which come into play when the billion dollar limit is blown?

Joining Shane Taurima in studio is National's former Treaty Negotiations Minister Sir Douglas Graham.