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Black Gold

Black Gold:
Tornadoes may be tormenting the good citizens of Taranaki right now, but one small hapu probably isn't too worried - not now that they've quite literally struck oil.

Tahuri Tumoana reports.

Jade Taniwha or Pounamu Dragon? :
With so much to do about Pakeha-Maori relations it's easy to forget tangata whenua have had a strong relationship with the Chinese community stretching back to the 19th Century. But its today's Maori-Chinese relations author Jenny Bol Jun Lee explores in her new book Jade Taniwha.

Kingi Kiriona reports.

It's the Principle of the thing&:
It's gathering steam - NZ First's parliamentary bill to rewind the clock back 20 years before section 9 of the SOE Act was passed, and kick out the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi from all legislation and case law.

But to get it passed they first have to get past some staunch supporters of the principles,  including the New Zealand  Chinese Association and Te Hunga Roia Maori, the Maori Law Society.

Stephen Young from the New Zealand Chinese Association, Matunuku Mahuika from Te Hunga Roia Maori and NZ First List MP Pita Paraone are live in studio with Shane to talk about whether or not the treaty principles should be consigned to the trash heap of history.