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Louis Theroux: Transgender Kids


Louis Theroux Transgender Kids

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Award-winning journalist Louis Theroux travels to San Francisco, where pioneering medical professionals are helping children who say they were born in the wrong body to transition from boy to girl or girl to boy at ever-younger ages.

In the US, 41% of transgender people have attempted suicide at some point in their lives. Now a group of pioneering medical professionals are trying to prevent this crisis in later life by transitioning transgender children at the earliest possible stages.

Louis heads to the Child and Adolescent Gender Center at UCSF Hospital in San Francisco to discover more about their work, meeting children who have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria. Children as young as three can show signs of rejecting the gender they were assigned at birth and parents face a difficult dilemma when faced with this diagnosis. Do they start transitioning a child who is still developing their own identity or do they wait and risk making the change once their body has gone through the transformations of puberty?

It is a decision that can be the start of a complex series of medical interventions from puberty blockers to hormone replacement therapy and eventually gender reassignment surgery and Louis spends time with children and their families as they negotiate their way along this life-changing and emotional journey.