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Viewer recap: Every Man For Himself

S3E4 Every Man for Himself

Desmond is on the beach, watching Claire take care of Aaron. As she lays him in the crib, Desmond approaches and offers to help fix her roof. Charlie shows up, and says that if anything needs to be fixed, he'll do it himself.
Desmond wanders off.

Back in the Hydra, Jack is watching cartoons before Julliet comes in to bring his food in. Jack asks Julliet can he speak to Ben as from his point of view Ben is their leader pointing out that when he had the broken plate to her neck, Ben was simply going to let her die, how he made that decision alone but Julliet just states that Jack doesn't know what he's talking about. At that moment Ben comes rushing in saying there is a situation.

Meanwhile Sawyer and Kate have been woken up to do their morning work but are interrupted when Pickett gets a call on the radio, informing Pickett of the situation. Then moments after, Colleen's stretcher making Picket very unhappy therefore Sawyer is delighted saying "that was our team, we did it"
and saying it was their ticket out of prison.

Sawyer wrenches his water pipe so the water spills on the cage floor creating a river of water leading outside his cage making a pool of water.
He tells Kate this is how they will escape, Sawyer will shock an Other, snag the keys and then let them both out. Kate is impressed.

Sawyer recalls his time in prison, where he met an inmate named Munson. This man had supposedly stolen ten million dollars from the government, and the warden was looking out for him. Sawyer encounters Munson in the prisons sewing facility, where Munson is making tote bags, and informs the inmate of the warden's plot, and warns him that the next step is for the warden to send Munson's wife in to put pressure on him. The warden enters the facility and asks if Sawyer is bugging Munson, proving Sawyer's point.

Back at the present Ben comes to Sawyer's cage, stepping towards the pool of water, asking Sawyer about his age and weight. When Ben step into the water, Sawyer grabs him by the hand and prepares to shock Ben, only to realize the Others have shut off the electricity then Ben whips out a nightstick and starts to beat Sawyer with it, knocking him unconscious. When Sawyer wakes up he is strapped to a table and the others prepare to inject him with something and somewhere else in the station, Jack hears Sawyer yelling on the broken intercom. Back at the beach, Desmond walks up to someone playing golf and asks him if he can borrow one of the golf clubs off him.

When Sawyer wakes up again, Ben places a cage on his chest with a bunny in it. Sawyer is confused then Ben starts to shake the cage rapidly until the bunny appears dead. Ben tells Sawyer that they put a pacemaker into the bunny so when it got too excited, his heart will explode. He told Sawyer they but a similar device into his body. Ben gives Sawyer a watch to tell him when his heart rate enters the 'danger zone' and if he tries to escape or fight back, his heart will explode and if he tells Kate any of this, they will so the same thing to her.

Sawyer is brought back to the cages, Kate asks Sawyer what they did to him but Sawyer said they just asked questions. The Others bought buckets of water with sponges so they can clean up. They also provide Kate with a fresh pair of clothes. As she's changing into them, Sawyer can't help but look, which causes his watch to start beeping. Kate asks Sawyer what his watch was doing. He says it was nothing but soon dumps water on his head to cool off before the device explodes.

Back to the prison, as Sawyer predicted, Munson's wife comes in to visit with him, asking about the money. Sawyer is also visited, by the woman who put him in prison, Cassidy, another of his con victims. She shows him a picture of a baby, and claims that it is his daughter, Clementine. Sawyer refuses to believe this, and storms out of the visiting area.

Back to the cages, Kate is examining hers to find a way she can get out from the top but Sawyer tells her to be patient, Kate is confused, she can't believe what she's hearing, especially from that stunt earlier! In the Hydra Julliet rushes over to Jack and begs for his help. Jack asks what they did to Sawyer and whose blood was on her clothes. Julliet explains that it's the blood of a woman who's dying. Alarms sound as Jack walks past the cages. He has a bag over his head and can't hear Sawyer and Kate shouting for him cause of the noise. In a rudimentary medical facility, Jack notices some X-rays, but Juliet tells him they aren't for the patient. Jack tries to work on Colleen, but almost immediately she begins to crash. He starts chest compressions, but he can't save her.

Then Picket looses his mind, he rushes over to Sawyers cage and starts beating him savagely, throwing him against Kate's cage and asking her if she loves Sawyer. Picket doesn't stop still she answers and hits harder. Finally Kate breaks down and admits she loves him and Picket storms off, telling the Others to throw Sawyer back in his cage.

Sawyer is approached by Munson, who agrees that Sawyer was right, and his wife was pressuring him to turn over the money. Munson asks Sawyer to move the money before his wife can find it, but Sawyer refuses, claiming that it's too risky. As Sawyer walks away, Munson begins to beg him for help.

Back to the cage, Sawyer cleans his wounds. Kate climbs out of her cage and attempts to break the lock on Sawyer's cage. Sawyer tells Kate to leave him "if you really love me you will let me go" then his watch starts to beep.

Kate asks what that was, what did the Others do to him. Sawyer tells Kate, every man for himself but Kate slips back in her cage and replies "live together, die alone."

Ben saw all of this on his monitor. Tom informs him that Danny wants to kill Sawyer but Ben says he can wait. He watches Jack with dead Colleen. He's handcuffed to the table then Julliet walks him and tells him she's a fertility doctor. Jack says there was no way to save Colleen, and what's more, he has determined his purpose for being there. The X-rays he saw were for a 40 year old man with a tumor on his spine. Since Jack is a spinal surgeon, he has realized that he is there to save someone's life.

Back at the beach, Desmond has constructed some sort of antenna with the golf club at its tip. A storm rolls in, and lightning strikes the rod, right in front of Charlie, Claire, and Aaron. I guess they should have listened to Desmond earlier about fixing the roof!

Ben wakes up Sawyer in the middle of the night, and tells him they're going for a walk. Sawyer recalls a similar walk while he was in prison, one in which he was brought before the warden, and Agent Freedman from the Department of Treasury. Sawyer informs this agent as to where Munson's money has been hidden, and in exchange, the warden ends Sawyer's sentence and lets him go. When asked about his reward, Sawyer tells the agent to send it to an account in Albuquerque for Clementine Phillips, with the stipulation that she can never know where the money came from.

Ben leads Sawyer up a mountain side, which causes the watch to begin beeping again. Sawyer asks if this is just a way from Ben to get him killed, but Ben informs him that "the only thing we injected you with is doubt." There was no pacemaker, and the rabbit from earlier had only been injected with a sedative. Sawyer takes his revenge on Ben by punching him on the face. When they reach the summit, Sawyer looks across an expanse of water and sees the island he has spent so much time on. Ben tells him that Sawyer is currently on an island twice the size of Alcatraz, and that there is nowhere to run.
"The only way to gain a con man's respect is to con him. You're pretty good, Sawyer. But we're better." The Others take Sawyer back to his cage.

By Alisha