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See who's Lost in our Season 5 Cast Sneak Peek..Part 1

As you already know Lost is coming back soon....

We already teased you and told you about 2 minutes of the very first episode of Series 5 of Lost entitled Because You Left....

Now we're going to do it again....

The first cast picture for Series 5 of JJ Abrams' show has been released - and we're going to be a bit mean to you.

It's an interesting picture - notable for who's there and who's not....

But we don't want to spill all the beans just yet.

So we're splitting it in 3 pieces with a little piece of the puzzle being unveiled in the run up to the show.

Here's the first picture - but let's get you pondering: Whose legs are they to Jack's left?


Don't forget you can still watch 2 minutes of the first episode - click here for details how to watch !