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S2 Ep 5: ...and Found

Wednesdays at 8.30pm

Screened March 8:

Sun discovers she has lost her wedding ring which prompts a...

Sun's mother has arranged for her to meet with a young man whose Dad owns a hotel - the same hotel where Jin has just been given a job as a doorman. The son, Mr Lee, turns out to be surprisingly nice and Sun gets on with him well enough to meet him again.

But at their next meeting Sun discovers that the reason Mr Lee is so relaxed about their friendship is because he plans to marry someone else. He tells Sun that he met an American woman while he was studying there, and soon he will move to America and marry her. Sun is upset at being misled like this and leaves.

Meanwhile Jin, who is on doorman duty, is asking a farmer and his son to leave the hotel. The son needs to use the bathroom but Jin knows it's against the rules to let people like this in. In the end he relents, but gets caught by his boss. Jin quits.

He is walking through the city when he sees a beautiful girl in an orange dress. His friend had just told him that the colour orange would bring him love. He bumps into this woman - Sun - and the two meet for the first time...

Back on the island, Sun is desperately trying to find her ring. Hurley suggests it might be inside Vincent (since she fed him that day) but that proves fruitless. Jack says he lost his once and got a replica made, but 'now it's rattling round in my sock drawer back home'. Locke tells her she'll find it when she stops looking.

When Kate tries to consol Sun she gets angry and says she wishes people would stop telling her that Jin's alright. This leads to an admission from Sun about the bottle Claire found from the raft. Kate insists on digging it up and starts going through the personal messages, much to Sun's disgust. Kate says it's because she never said goodbye. Sawyer? asks Sun. Then Kate spots Sun's ring in the sand.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the island, the other survivors tell Michael, Jin and Sawyer to start preparing for a long walk - back to their own side of the island. These survivors are incredibly nervous about the 'others' in the jungle, and we see why when they come across the body of one of their own, which appears to have been spiked through the chest.

Michael disrupts the group's journey when he takes off into the jungle, desperate to find Walt. Jin insists on going with him, and so Eko insists on going too to keep him safe. They finally catch up with Michael, but on the way they have to hide while 'the others' go past. All we see are some very filthy legs and a teddy bear being dragged along the ground.  They manage to convince Michael that he won't have any luck getting Walt back this way and rejoin the group.