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S2 Ep 23: Live Together, Die Alone

Episode 23 and 24: Live Together, Die Alone
The Season Finale, screened July 19

Everyone runs towards the shore to see a yacht approaching. Saywer, Sayid and Jack swim out to the boat, which appears to be abandoned, when suddenly gun shots are fired from below deck. Jack kicks open up the door to the lower deck, and reveals Desmond, the Scottish button-pusher who ran away from the hatch. He seems to be as surprised to see Jack, Sawyer and Sayid as they are to see him. Desmond says he was sailing for two and a half weeks, due west, and that he should have been in Fiji in a week, but ended up back on the island. He says "this is it, this is all there is left... there's no outside world, there's no escape".

FLASHBACK: to a prison, where Desmond is being released. His personal items include a photo of him and a young woman, and the Charles Dickens book "A mutual friend" which he says he is saving to read just before he dies. He is dishonourably discharged from the Royal Scots regiment of Her Majesties Armed Forces. He is picked up by an older, rich man, the father of the woman Desmond loves. The older man reveals he has been keeping all Desmond's letter to his daughter Penelope, that she has moved on and is getting married. He offers Desmond a box of money, to stay away from his daughter.

BEACH, NIGHT: Sayid talks to Jack about his fears Michael has been compromised by the Others. Sayid thinks the boat might give them an advantage; he could go ashore undetected, go to the nearest beach and start a signal fire, black smoke. Jack's team will meet him at the signal and they will go in together.

John Locke is limping around the hatch. Mr Eko is at the computer. Locke says he wants to let the clock run down and not press the button. Eko wants to keep pressing the button. Locke attempts to strike him with a metal bar. A struggle ensues, Locke is struck across the face and Eko returns to press the buttons. Eko throws Locke out.

Jack, Michael, Hurley, Sawyer prepare to leave the camp. Hurley refuses to carry a gun. Kate starts getting suspicious, and Michael tries to convince her it's ok. The group head off.

Sayid asks Desmond for his boat to go to the north shore of the island. Desmond asks him if he's off to see the hostiles, and says ignorance is bliss, the boat is yours.

FLASHBACK: in a café, Desmond doesn't have enough money, a women stranger pays for him. She looks suspiciously like Libby. They talk about their lives, and the woman eventually offers him a boat left to her by her dead husband. Desmond is a sailor and wants to sail in a round the world race.

BEACH: Sayid asks Sun to ask Jin to come help him sail. She says she wants to go too.

Michael is leading Jack and co. through the forest. They hear something in the forest, and everyone gets their guns out. A huge bird swoops down from the tops of the trees, screeching. Michael tries to shoot it and realises Jack hasn't loaded his gun. Hurley looks very spooked and asks whether the bird said his name. Jack pretends he simply forgot to load the gun and does it.

Charlie comes across Locke crying in the forest. Charlie asks him what happened to his face. Locke says nothing. Charlie says Desmond is back.
Sayid puts a gun into the boat. Sun says she is coming too, Sayid isn't keen. They set off for the boat.

FLASHBACK: Desmond is getting ready to go for a run at a stadium at night. Jack pulls up in a car in the background and goes running. Desmond doesn't notice him. Another car pulls up. It's the woman from the picture in the prison, Penelope. She asks if he has read the book yet, he says no. She asks why he didn't write to her, Desmond doesn't respond. He asks her when she's getting married, she says they haven't set a date. Desmond says he's going to win his race, and in a year he'll be back. She asks what he's running from. He says he has to get his honour back, and that's what he's running to.

BEACH: Desmond and Locke talk about the button. Locke says he thinks it is all for nothing, and tells him about the other station, the Pearl - the orientation film saying what was happening in the hatch wasn't real, but rather a psychological experiment. Locke says tomorrow we're going to find out what happens if that button doesn't get pushed.

Hurley, Sawyer are making a camp. Michael is away from the group, struggling with his emotions. Jack finds him and asks if he's alright. Michael says thanks for risking his neck for his boy. Jack says "live together die alone". Michael looks concerned.

Sun is throwing up over the side of the boat. Jin says "I told you not to come". Sun says it's not seasickness. They all look towards shore at a huge statue of a foot, and some of the leg is visible. It is enormous. Sayid says he does not know what is more surprising -  the fact the rest of the statue is missing or that it only has four toes.

Back in the Hatch, Eko is etching away on his stick when the lights go off. The clock seems to be fine. Eko leaves the room to investigate. Desmond is doing a forced lockdown, and a countdown can be heard over the loud speakers. The door to the computer room closes and Eko is locked out. Locke and Desmond are in! Eko is not happy.

FLASHBACK: to Desmond sailing in rough seas. He is not coping with the boat on his own. He grabs his Dickens book, but the sea is so rough he loses his balance and hits his head, knocking himself unconscious. A dream sequence follows, with Desmond washed up on a beach, and he can see one or perhaps more people in a yellow protective suit and mask dragging him through the forest. When he wakes up he is in the hatch with an older bearded man.
The man asks "are you him? What did one snowman say to the other." Desmond doesn't know what he's talking about. The man says he is Kelvin.  He says he found Desmond washed up on the beach, with no boat. Desmond can hear the computer beeping, and the man puts the numbers in. Desmond asks what that was all about then. The man answers "just saving the world." Desmond watches the instructional video. Kelvin is gearing up in his yellow suit, talking a about his former partner, Radzinski. Kelvin says he wears the suit so he doesn't get infected outside.

Now: Michael and co. are walking though the forest, talking about the others. Kate tells Sawyer they are being followed. They shoot into the forest. One person is shot, the other one. The approach the stranger - he is dead on the ground. Jack says to let the other one go. Jack makes Michael tell everyone the truth - Michael says they gave him a list with their names on it. He had to bring all of them back or he would never see his son again. The group work out Michael killed Libby and Ana Lucia and he let Henry go. Hurley is very upset. Michael said he had to, he is sorry. Jack says Hurley can't go back, or they will kill them all. Says he has a plan.

Charlie and Eko dig up the dynamite in the forest and go down to the hatch. Eko starts preparing to blow up the door. Desmond is sure the door will hold.

FLASHBACK: Desmond forcing a shutdown, Kelvin is painting some type of invisible map on the wall. Kelvin says Radzinski killed himself. Desmond asks to be let outside, as he hasn't been outside for two years. Kelvin says no.

NOW: Charlie suggests to Eko the button could be just a bunch of wires, a big joke. Eko whips off Charlie's belt and throws it in the air - it flies across the room and smacks against the wall like a magnet. Eko crosses himself and then lights the dynamite. There is a huge explosion in the tunnel.

FLASHBACK: Desmond is woken up by the button beeping, He calls out for Kelvin. But puts the buttons in himself. A trap door on the floor is open and Desmond goes throw. Kelvin is lying on the ground over a keyhole holding a key, which says system terminate. Kelvin says this is the only other way out, a failsafe; turn the key and this all goes away. He says the incident referred to in the instructional video was electromagnetism. The incident was a leak, now the charge builds up and every time you push the button it discharges it before it gets too big.

Now: Desmond says "I think your friends have blown up" - but Locke thinks it's a trick. Locke says he thought it was his destiny to get into this, but somebody died - (Boone) Locke talks about the night Boone died - how he beat on the top of the hatch, when a light flashed up. Desmond realises it was him who shone the light.

Sayid has gone ashore and approaches the Others' village. He finds it abandoned, and it looks like it was staged.

Jack and co. walk past a tube sticking out of the ground with hundreds of small plastic tubes around - they are the notebooks from the Pearl stations. Sawyer sees a black signal - they think it is Sayid. They hear something in the forest - Sawyer is shot in the neck with a dart. Kate is hit and falls. Jack is shot too. They lose consciousness. In a dream sequence the Others come up and bundle them away

HATCH: Locke tells Desmond about the Pearl station, and shows him the printout he found there. Desmond reads the printout.

FLASHBACK: Desmond shaves - Kelvin suits up to go outside. Desmond realises there is a rip in his suit. Desmond follows Kelvin - at first breathing through a bandanna, but then he realises he can breathe outside. Desmond follows Kelvin, and sees his boat in a harbour. Kelvin approaches him, and says he was fixing the boat to escape. They fight and Kelvin dies after striking his head on a rock. Desmond gets the key and runs back to the hatch. He just misses the countdown - the loudspeaker is saying system failure, things are flying around. Eventually he puts the numbers in and it goes back to normal.

NOW: Desmond looks at the printout and sees the system failure. He asks Locke what date the pane crashed. September 22 - at that time there is system failure on the printout. Desmond says "I think I crashed your plane".

On a jetty - Jack and co are tied up. The Others are there. Henry arrives on a boat.

Charlie wakes up in the tunnel of the hatch, he can't hear properly - sees Eko lying on the ground, unconscious.

The numbers are counting down. Desmond says we need to push the button. Locke throws the computer on the ground and wrecks it. Desmond overrides the system and runs out.

FLASHBACK: Desmond is in the hatch thinking about killing himself.  He opens the Dickens book and a letter falls out from Penelope. She asks him not to give up and says she loves him. He hears banging (it's Locke outside) then shouting. Desmond shines a light up the hatch. They both think they are saved.

NOW: Desmond gets the system key out of the Dickens book and goes down the trap door telling, Locke about the banging - you saved my live so I can save yours "it's all real". The numbers have counted down - system failure - things starts flying around. Locke says he was wrong. Desmond turns the key.

On the island everyone holds their ears - everything goes white.

BEACH: Charlie walks up, realises Locke and Eko are not back yet.

On the jetty: Michael is allowed to leave on a boat - Walt is there. Hurley is released and told to tell the other not to come after them. "Henry says your friends are coming home with us". Jack, Kate and Sawyer are left tied up on the jetty. Michael drives the boat off looking unsure.

BEACH, NIGHT: around the fire Clare asks Charlie what happened. Clare says something happened; noise and the sky turned a weird violet colour. They kiss.

In the middle of an ice storm two people are in a tent speaking another language. They notice a red light is flashing saying electromagnetic activity detected, they type something on a computer and pick up a phone - Penelope answers it! - One of the guys says in English "I think we found it!"

Series finishes