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S2 Ep 20: Two For The Road

Wednesdays at 8.30pm

Screened June 28:

Kate tries to talk to a barely conscious Michael. Jack thinks there might be Others around, but Kate says that Michael was clearly alone. Jack picks him up heads off.

In the hatch, Ana Lucia is chopping vegetables. We flashback to when she was still a cop.  She arrives at work and her mother/boss asks her where she was (remember, she totally shot the guy who shot her and killed her baby).  Ana Lucia evasively answers her mother, who then takes her to see the body of the man Ana Lucia killed. Her mother accuses Ana Lucia of killing him and says that even though there's no evidence, she needs to accept her mother's help. Ana Lucia then quits the force and hands her mother her badge.

Back in the hatch: Ana Lucia asks Henry how long he will keep up the hunger strike. She tells Henry she used to be a cop and mentions how unlike most killer's Henry doesn't like to talk. Henry whispers something, Ana Lucia leans in to hear, and he head butts her violently and overpowers her. He mentions how she killed two of his people and says that she's the killer. As he is strangling her, Locke whacks Henry on the head with one of his crutches.

Flashback: Ana Lucia is now working in airport security. In the airport bar, she meets Jack's father who tells her how he is no longer a doctor because his son ratted him out for working on the job. Ana Lucia says she doesn't think parents and their children should work together. He then tells her he's going to Sydney and invites her along.  She asks why, and he cites fate, and says they could help each other out. He goes on to say that what he's doing down there could be dangerous and he might need protection.

Island: Ana Lucia attempts to stitch up her wounds and Libby sees her. Ana Lucia explains what happens and Libby advises Ana not to do anything stupid in terms of payback.

Hatch: Locke goes into Henry's cell. Henry is now hogtied. Locke asks Henry why he tried to hurt Ana Lucia, but not Locke while he was helpless under the door. Henry responds: "Cause you're one of the good ones John.  Henry goes on to explain that if his own people knew where he was, they would kill him.

Locke: "Why would your own people wanna kill you?"
Henry: "Because the man in charge, he's a great man John, a brilliant man, but he's not a forgiving man. He'll kill me because I failed my mission."
Locke: "What mission"
Henry: "When that woman caught me in that trap I was on my way here John, I was coming for you.

Then Jack and Kate arrive with Michael.

Elsewhere on the island, Sawyer is extracting fruit from high up in the trees with a stick when Ana Lucia comes along and asks for a gun. Sawyer says no, and Ana Lucia teases him about Kate and Jack. Sawyer doesn't like this and tells her to split.

Flashback: Ana Lucia wakes up in the middle of the night in a hotel room in Sydney. Jack's dad knocks on the door and tells her its time for protection duty.

Ana Lucia: "After four days of drinking, suddenly it's time now in the middle of the night?"
Jack's dad: "That's right."

They drive through a rainy night to a suburban address. As Ana Lucia watches from the car, Jack's Dad knocks on the door and talks to a woman at the address. They argue and she doesn't let him in. As Ana Lucia takes him away, we hear him talking about wanting to see his daughter.

Hurley talks to Sayid about trying to get a radio to function to impress Libby. Sayid tells him to instead take Libby to a secluded beach three kilometres down the coast. Sayid took Shannon there once.

Hatch: Jack tends to Michael. Locke asks if the "exchange" worked. Jack explains that there was no exchange and that they found Michael. Locke expresses incredulity about the coincidence.

Jack: "I was shouting. He heard me."

Back with Sawyer in the jungle alone. Ana Lucia shows herself again and they engage in banter. She asks him again for the gun, he says know and she attacks him, as they wrestle on the ground it suddenly turns into kissing and writhing and they begin to undress each other.

Flashback: Ana Lucia drives Jack's dad near the docks. She asks him about the woman and he doesn't tell her. She calls him pathetic and asks him why he's here.

Jack's dad: "I'm here because I can't apologise to my son. He tried to help me and I thanked him by hating him, by cutting him off. You came here for the same reason, you ran away."

He spots a bar and suggests they go for a drink. She declines and he gets out, hitting a passing Sawyer with the car door.

At the last moment, Ana Lucia suggests they both leave Sydney, go back. He says he can never go back.

Island: Redressing, Ana Lucia warns Sawyer that if he tells anyone about this, she'll kill him.

Sawyer: "I guess that takes cuddling off the table."

Libby comes across Hurley gathering food from the pantry. He admits that he was packing a picnic for the two of them. She agrees to go.

Hatch: Ana Lucia enters and talks to Jack and he tells her about Michael. When Jack enquires about the cut on her head, Locke charms in and says it was his fault because he left a tap on in the bathroom. Ana Lucia goes along with his lie.

Then Michael regains consciousness. He tells them about The Others. He describes them as dirty, worn shoes, simple. He tells of a primitive camp. He says they're worse off than they are. There were 22 of them. He didn't see Walt, but he knows he's there. He didn't see any other kids. He also says they have a guard hatch - two metal doors. He is distraught because he couldn't save Walt, so he came back to tell the castaways that they can take them. "We are gonna get my boy back."

Later, Locke is once again trying to redraw the map he saw briefly. Jack enters and admits to Locke he was right about Henry all along, and although he doesn't agree with what Locke and Sayid did to Henry when they first caught him (i.e. interrogate him violently), he was right. Locke says Jack did what he thought was right at the time, and just hopes that next time he does something, he includes Locke. Locke then suggests that could be quite soon. Locke is ready to take action against The Others.

Jack tells Kate he needs her to get the guns of Sawyer, and Locke is going with them. Ana Lucia volunteers to guard Henry. She tells Jack to give Sawyer her best.

Hurley and Libby travel through the jungle, Libby concludes they are lost. They end up back on their own beach. Hurley has forgotten blankets. Libby says she'll get the blankets and Hurley should get some wine from Rose and Bernard. Hurley perks up at the mention of wine and says that maybe if he gets drunk enough, he'll remember where he knows her from&Hurley looks at Jin who gives him the thumbs up.

Locke, Kate and Jack arrive at Sawyer's hut, he is reading a manuscript of a book called 'Bad Twin' that he found among the luggage. The three of them demand the guns from Sawyer, when he refuses Jack pulls a gun on him. Sawyer reaches for his own and surprised to discover it is gone, realises that Ana Lucia stole it.

"Why would she need a gun? queries Jack. "Jack I need to tell you something" says Locke.

Hatch: Ana Lucia cocks her gun, then slides a knife to Henry and tells him to cut himself loose. "Why?" he asks. "You know why?" says Henry.

Then Henry tells Ana Lucia what Goodwin (The Other who was in Ana Lucia's camp for some time when she was on the other side of the island) said about her, that he said she was worthy and that he could change her. "But he was wrong" says Henry. "And it cost him his life."

Ana Lucia: "He was gonna kill me"
Henry: "Was he?"

Henry has now cut himself free, and Ana Lucia points her gun at him.

Henry: "So this it"
Ana Lucia: "Yes Henry, this is it"

Flashback: Jack is at the airport arguing with the clerk about getting his father's body on the plane. Ana Lucia and Jin are waiting in the line behind him. Ana Lucia calls her mother on her cell phone. She admits she made a mistake and that she ran away but now she wants to come home. She tells her what flight she's on. Her mother tells her she'll be there when she lands.

Hatch: Ana Lucia is sitting on the couch playing with her gun. Michael comes out and asks where everyone is, Ana Lucia tells him how what he said got everyone worked up, and that they've gone to get the guns from Sawyer.

Michael: "Sawyer has all the guns?"
Ana Lucia: "Long story"
Michael: "But they didn't get that one?" Gesturing toward Ana Lucia's gun.

Ana Lucia goes on tells Michael about how they caught one of the others, Henry, and how he's locked up in the storage room. She emotionally admits to wanting to kill him after he attacked her, but that she couldn't do it, and that she can't do this anymore.

Michael: "Then let me do it. They're animals. I've seen these people. They took my son right out of my hands. I'll do it, give me the gun. I'll kill him. 'Cause that's what they'd do."

Ana Lucia hands him the gun and tells him the combination to the storage room.

Michael stands up and&with a tear in his eye, ponders the gun&then....

Michael: "I'm sorry."
Ana Lucia: "For what?"

Then Michael totally shoots Ana Lucia in the chest!

He looks panicked. Then Libby enters the room and says "Michael", Michael swings around and shoots her aswell! Then he heads over to Henry's prison and opens the door and then shoots himself in the arm!