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S2 Ep 12: Fire and Water

Wednesdays at 8.30pm

Screening May 3:

It's Christmas Day and a young Charlie and his brother Liam are opening presents - except there don't appear to be any presents for Charlie. When his mum comes down she shows Charlie his present - a piano. Charlie is delighted but there's a catch - the family hope Charlie's talent will get them all 'out of here' one day.

Suddenly Charlie is on the island, playing the piano on the beach, and he hears Claire's baby Aaron crying from inside the piano, which gets washed out to sea. He wakes up&

Charlie races off to find Aaron thinking he's hurt, but he's fine. In fact, once again Locke is with Claire and the baby. Charlie visits with some nappies he's made, trying to make peace, but Claire insists that he gives her some space.

We flashback to Charlie during his time in the band. Liam's girlfriend has just had a baby but Liam is too wasted to visit, although Charlie goes to the hospital to coo over the baby.

Hurley asks Sawyer about Libby and Sawyer realises he has a crush on her.  Then Jack and Ana turn up and Sawyer comments on the amount of time the two of them are spending together. Sawyer encourages Hurley to go after Libby.

Hurley joins her in the laundry, but her friendly banter goes over his head as he starts wondering if he knows her from somewhere. She says he stepped on her foot when he got on the plane, and he gets embarrassed. Then Libby models a dress for him that she found in someone's luggage.

Charlie is on the beach and sees Aaron's crib floating out to sea with the baby inside. He dashes in after it and rescues Aaron. Then he sees a vision of his mum and Claire, dressed in biblical clothes, chanting that the baby is in danger and he has to save him. A white dove flies past. Suddenly it's the middle of the night and Hurley interrupts Charlie's dream. Charlie finds himself standing on the beach holding Aaron. Everyone runs up behind the panicking Claire, who slaps Charlie.

Charlie tells Locke he was sleepwalking when he took Aaron - dreaming he was in danger - and asks him to put in a good word to Claire for him. Locke asks if Charlie's using, which Charlie denies. Locke suggests he gives Claire time.

Flashback to Drive Shaft filming an advertisement, which they've stuffed up several times because Liam is wasted and completely unable to keep up. They get fired by the director.

Eko is marking trees. Charlie asks him if he told Locke about being given a statue from the plane. Eko says no. Charlie says he feels like he's losing his mind. Eko asks what his dreams are about. Eko says these dreams might mean something - like that he does need to save the baby. Charlie races up to Claire telling her the baby's in danger and she needs to baptise him, but Kate wrestles him out of Claire's tent.

Jack is helping Ana Lucia build a tent. She asks if Jack and Kate have been getting it on but he says no.

Charlie goes to his stash of heroin, and we&

Flashback to Charlie writing a song at his piano. Liam arrives and says Karen, his girlfriend, kicked him out. She thinks he's dangerous because he dropped their baby. He's got no money, nothing. Charlie says they'll get through it; that he's writing again and it's good. Charlie plays his new song and Liam joins in. It's a nice moment until Liam asks if he's got any&.

Locke arrives and catches Charlie with his heroin stash. Charlie says he was about to destroy them but Locke no longer believes Charlie, and takes all the statues away himself.
Locke has now moved his tent closer to Claire at her request. But she has taken Charlie's ranting about baptism on board and asks Locke what he thinks. Locke says Charlie feels like he has to save the baby because he can't save himself.

At night, in the jungle, someone lights a fire. Sayid spots the fire and they all rush to action. Claire is left at the camp with the baby, and Charlie walks up behind her.

We flashback to Charlie getting home to find the house trashed and his piano gone. Liam has sold it for money so he can go to Sydney where Karen's uncle has a rehab clinic.

Charlie takes Aaron while Claire isn't looking. She chases after him yelling for help. Locke hears and arrives, followed by everyone else. Charlie turns to Eko for support but Eko says that isn't the way. Charlie gets angry at Locke, saying he's not Aaron's father or his family. Locke points out that Charlie isn't either. When Claire says he's hurting her Charlie gives up the baby. He apologises but Locke punches him. Everyone turns away and leaves Charlie in the surf.

The next day Jack goes to visit Charlie to stitch up his facial wound. Charlie admits he started the fire, Jack says he knows and he wants Charlie to assure him it'll never happen again. Charlie says he knows what it looks like but he didn't use, even though he wanted to.

Eko is standing in the ashes of the fire when Claire approaches with Aaron. Eko tells her Charlie misunderstood him when he spoke of baptism. Eko tells the story of John the Baptist being baptised, and the dove flying down from the sky. He says it was about cleansing him of his sins, and that heaven comes much later. Claire points out that she hasn't been baptised, so Eko suggests he baptise them both.

Locke puts the heroin statues in the hatch, locked in the safe.