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Ep 8: Meet Kevin Johnson

We have asked New Zealand's biggest Lost fans to recap each episode of series 4. Here is Rose Cunningham's take on Meet Kevin Johnson. If you have any theories, post them on the message board below.

Locke assures everyone there will be no more secrets. Miles tells everyone he was hired to find Ben. Sawyer wants to turn Ben over. Ben informs them that once they have him, their orders are to kill everyone on the island. Ben says he has a spy on the ship, its Michael. Ben then tells Rousseau, Alex and Karl there is a sanctuary on the island called the Temple and gives them a map. Ben also says it's only for them and not for any of the passengers of Oceanic 815.

Back on the freighter, Sayid and Desmond witness two crew members trying to get off the freighter by stealing a tender. Captain Gault not only stops them, he also promptly gives them a beating. Rules of desertion apply to everyone according to Captain Gault. Michael is told to clean up the mess and Sayid asks what he is doing on the freighter. Michael says he is here to die.

Sayid and Desmond go down to the engine room where Michael is repairing the engine damage when Sayid grabs Michael and demands to know why he is on board, Michael tells them. He made if off the Island back to New York, staying in a crappy apartment, no Walt and living in squalor. He scribbled a letter got into his car, pins the note on his jacket and drives off speeding towards a large metal container. There's an almightily smash as he hits the container full on.  Next Michael wakes up in hospital, it's a miracle he's still alive. The nurse turns out to be Libby, one of the women he shot and killed. It's a dream. The nurse comes in, and it's not Libby.

Michael leaves the hospital and makes his way to his Mothers house. She doesn't want him in the house or to see Walt. She struggles to understand why everyone thinks they had died then turned up and she can't tell anyone what's happened and she turns Michael away. As Michael walks away he sees Walt in the upstairs bedroom but Walt closes the curtain and turns away. Michael heads to a pawn shop and swaps his watch for a gun and bullets.

Just as Michael is about to shoot himself in the head he sees Tom from the Island. A fight between the two starts and Tom gets the gun and points it at Michael. Michael wants Tom to kill him but Tom tells Michael that the Island won't let him kill himself no matter what he does. Tom tells Michael where he is staying and tells him to come and see him when he is ready.

Michael heads back to his apartment and tries again to shoot himself, the gun doesn't fire. Michael checks the barrels and all six rounds are loaded. He is then interrupted by the news of the report that the wreckage of Oceanic 815 has been found will all its 324 passengers on board.
Michael goes to Tom's hotel and finds out that a man named Widmore staged the whole thing as he doesn't want anyone to find where the real crash happened. Michael doesn't believe it but Tom hands him a file with proof of where the bodies where stolen from, the purchase of a plane and the details of the freighter that dropped the plane and bodies to their watery grave site, too deep for anyone to retrieve the bodies. Tom goes on to explain the Widmore has a freighter leaving Fiji in a few days heading for the Island that they want Michael to work on and be a spy. Everything is arranged and Michael's purpose is to kill everyone on board because if Widmore reaches the Island everyone will die. It's the only way Michael can redeem himself. Michael agrees.

At the port of Suva in Fiji, Michael reports for duty and is told his crate has arrived and will be put on board shortly. Tom calls and checks if the package has arrived. Michael says yes. Michael discovers it's a bomb. Michael takes it down to the engine room and starts to activate the bomb, as he pushes the execute button a flag pops up with the message: NOT YET.

Michael wonders what's going on and then he gets a message saying Walt is on the phone. It's Ben. Ben is surprised Michael actually activated it. Ben tells Michael there are innocent people aboard and he does not wish to kill innocent people. So Michael is told to get a list of all the people of the freighter and report back to Ben. As well as disabling the radio room and engines, this way the freighter will never reach the island, and his friends will be safe.

Back to the engine room as Michael has finished telling Sayid and Desmond why he is on the freighter.  Sayid is annoyed that Michael is working for Ben and takes Michael to see Captain Gault's, Sayid explains that Michael is the one who sabotaged the radio and engines and that Michael was with him on flight 815, and he's a traitor.

Meanwhile back on the island, Rousseau, Alex and Karl stop for rest on the way to the Temple. Bullets start flying and Karl is hit and killed instantly. Rousseau tells Alex she loves her very much then Rousseau is hit, she falls over dead as well. Alex stands up and yells out to save her own life and tells them to stop shooting. She's Ben's daughter.